"W-wait?! That means you get lost and pretend to be lost in the city!?"

-from The Orphans

Adeline (or Ady) Clayer is the 1st member of the Clayers and is also the first smartest family member. She is 16 years old like Mercury. She gets along with her family very well.


Ady is a light pink rabbit. She has big floppy ears and is about Fireball's height, even though she is Mercury's age (Haha, Mercury's older than Fireball!). Like Anais, she has a dress, but it's light purple with a large yellow smiley face in the middle instead. She wears white shoes with black sole , like Mabel.


Ady is a very energetic rabbit with a very unique feature, and that is her smartness. Ady also has a name similar to Adeline Gangerton for "Where is my Donkey?".


  • She might get a boyfriend.
  • Adeline's actor is Christina Manggoti.