If you wanna save the world, even the forbidden is never forbidden.
— Aguilera Garven

Kelly "Aguilera" Anna Garven (usually referred to as Aguilera) is a rainbow like creature who debuted in the Fireball Adventure.

Aguilera Garven
Biographical Information
Alias She-Wolf(By Fireball),

Fellow Sister(by Skylar)

Birthday April 19, 1998
Age 16
Height 170cm
Weight 47g
Species Rainbow Angel
Status Alive
Professional Information
Occupation Protector of her friends.
Affiliation Girls Up!
Position Bass guitar
Personal Information
Relatives Cheryl Garven,Angelina Garven
First Seen The mall


I not stupid...


Aguilera is a 16-Year old American-Australian girl. She is very rich and loves fashion. Aguilera is not a snobby person like Masami. She is actually a Rainbow Angel - a Guardian Angel that saves people when they are bullied (like when she saved Gumball from Tina In The Fight). Aguilera wears a black dress and grey

boots. She has brown (dark chocolate since Haters Gonna Hate) hair and has blue skin. She is a Rainbow Creator. Aguilera also has a crush on Fireball but just can't say she loves him.

Aguilera originally lived in Australia. She moved away from Sydney when she was 4 years old. Many of boys - like Banana Joe and Tobias and especially Darwin and Cobby - have a crush on Aguilera.

Aguilera's mental enemy is Masami. She really hates her and almost curses at her sometimes.

Aguilera also has an cousin named Cheryl that eats pies.

Aguilera is also a really big Apple fan. She has an IPhone 4S and a Macbook Pro.

One of Aguilera's many hobbies is performance singing,but she knows Mabel more,so she gave it all up.

Aguilera also has a hot temper and can get very very angry (especially when other boys like Tobias and Banana Joe flirt with her). Aguilera also suffers from a big peel of a violent temper (like when she smashed Banana Joe with her baseball bat and kicked Tobias in the groin).


Aguilera wears a black dress with long, white high-healed shoes. She has brown hair and has blue skin. She has many outfits. Her design has been changed one time before. Her skin was white and her hair black. Then her hair colour was changed to brown and her skin white. Before, she was more gothy and colourless.