Alexis Garcia is a cat from FF series.


Alexis is a tan cat with brown hair. She wears a pink cheerleader outfit. She wears pink boots and long white socks.


She is 50/50 on the whole girly-girl and tomboy thing. She is a minor character, usually seen in the background or, most commonly, shyly hiding behind Skylar whenever she talks to someone. This shows that she is a very shy and quiet cat.

She shows interest in Darwin, as shown in The Dance and Gumball in High School, whereas they were dating. But Darwin was actually her ex-boyfriend and her new boyfriend is Fireball. She shows interest in ballet and gossip. Besides that, not much is really known about her quite yet. She will appear in The Present, an upcoming Gumball Christmas Special.


  • It is hinted that her parents are divorced.
  • She might have a bit of interest in Gumball. But since she is aware of his crush on Skylar, this is doubted.
  • She is Frodo's former girlfriend.
  • It is hinted she lives a few houses away from Gumball's.