Cobby makes a trip.(This happend after 12 year from present)


The Start (In conclusion, it was a fight.)Edit

Maximus Vice: Elmore. A place with so called beautiful scenery. A place where there's only 1 robber in the entire goddamn city! A place with crazy people. You might be wondering why I'm the martial in the town? That's because yesterday was the day that changed everything. All because of 1 ridiculous thing: my ass!

Cobby: Get a shut!

Maximus Vice: OK.

Cobby: You can't shut up? This is not your show!

Maximus Vice: OK, OK. Goddamn...

Cobby: Hey! Gimme money!

Maximus Vice: For what?

Cobby: I'm going to court to sue you!

Maximus Vice: Oh no! (ran away to another state)

Cobby: Hehe. It was so easy.

Mabel: Oh Cobby!

Cobby: Yeah my dear...

Mabel: Who was that guy?

Cobby: A bitch asshole.

Mabel: Hehe. You're so brave! (Kiss him)

The TripEdit

Cobby: Tommorow I'm going in a trip!

Garret (Cobby's first son with Mabel): Where, daddy?

Cobby: With my friends in forest.

Garret: Would you take me?

Cobby: Of course! There will be your mom, Laura (Garret's sister) ...

Laura: (Just awakened, says yawning) What's that noise? I was asleep!

Garret: We're going in a trip!

Laura: Oh, I know...(Yawns again)

(The door opens)

Mabel: Hi, kids! Cobby, where's the plan for the trip?

Cobby: OH SHIT! I forget...

Laura: What happened to your job?

Mabel: Nothin' was changed: same clothes(She is fashion designer), same customers,same work everyday...Sorry,for being late.

Garret: Do you know that all will go in a trip?

Mabel: Yeah, to the beach.It's your favorite place,right?