Well, what's the option? Capture it or kill it? I'm starting to get confused here...
— Cobby Nuttels
Cobby Nuttels
Biographical Information
Alias Cobbynut, Cobbesco, The Cobbescian, The Smarty-Pants and other nicknames from Martha
Birthday November 27th, 2000
Age 14
Height 164cm
Weight 40kg
Species Dog (Cocker Spaniel/Saint Bernard hybrid), Wizard
Status Alive
Professional Information
Occupation Monster Specialist, Monster Killer, Songwriter
Affiliation Girls Up!
Position Songwriter
Personal Information
Relatives  :

Martha Nuttels- Sister, Andy Nuttels- Triplet Brother, Alison Nuttels - Mother, Barney Nuttels - Father, Caroline Nuttels - Triplet Sister, Annabelle "Cinnamon" Nuttels - Sister


Cobbert "Cobby" Louis William Nuttels III is Martha's brother and one of the main characters in Girls Up!. He also serves to be the genius one in the group, as it was shown that he learns all the information of every monster they encountered, but not all of them.


Cobby is a Cocker Spaniel/Saint Bernard hybrid. He wears a green-blue checked shirt, khaki long pants and grey shoes. He has aa cowlick hair style. Since Season 3, his eyes have noticeable bags underneath. He always takes the his book of monsters, a book that shows information about monsters, given by  his grandfather was about to die.


Cobby is by far the most intelligent member of the city, although his young age prevents his from really being noticed by adults. He has been shown on numerous occasions to have a knack for solving problems, such as the time he figured a way out of his flooded house, the time he developed a complex solution to solve the problem of getting his grandmother's luggage up a flight of stairs and the time he trick the family for the television. Cobby is also a valued member of the school's Physics Club, and his vast knowledge of the subject has actually saved his from being vaporized by an enormous robot. He is so smart that there's not person smarter than him.
Cobby can also be considered the most mature member of his family, more than his parents. He often takes care of his sisters in many ways, like helping them with their homework and making their breakfasts.
Cobby has shown some signs of having a very fiery temper. When Martha accidentally lost his phone, he was extremely upset and demanding, threatening to tell their parents what had happened. On another occasion, after finally taking Granny Linda's bags upstairs, when asked to bring them down he instead grew furious and kicked her suitcase out the window.
Even though Cobby is very mature for his age, there are still some occasions where he reverts to childish behavior. He is a huge fan of Mike Monkey, as evidenced by his Mike plush toy and his extreme enthusiasm for the Mike on Ice show.

After Fred is defeated, he developed a temporary multiple personality disorder.


  • He's the actual Boyfriend of Mabel.
  • Before moving to Elmore, Cobby had 4 girlfriends, including a vampire.
  • He's the smartest character in the show;
  • He inhaled a toxin on a school field trip and it weakened his immune system a little so he's more prone to sickness.
  • He's a close friend with The Grand Duchess Beatrice Vetcher III of Bellaterra/Carly Thonnings.
  • He is five minutes younger than Andy or Caroline.
  • He has the eight cardinal points (placed as we usually see on a compass) as shaped birthmark on his back.
  • He is the third to date a Dhampir.
  • The first was Aguilera
  • The second was Martha
  • Cobby's name has different pronountions. The correct one is Ka-bi (ˈkäbē), not Kow-bi. Also, in some countries, "Cobby" is adapted from the dub:
    • "Gedrongen" in Afrikaans and Dutch
    • "Набито" (phonetically "Nabito") in Bulgarian
    • "Drukns" in Latvian
    • "코비" (phonetically "Kobi") in Korean
  • "Cobby" means "stout", "thickset",  and it is used for description of horses, dogs, and other animals.
  • His arch-enemy is Fred because he has a crush on Mabel.
  • However, this is not the reason he gained the nickname.
    •  Also, a "cobby dog" is a term for a short and square dog.
    • Cobby may be surname.