Drace Licorice Landerson is a cat who debuted in The Monster fanfiction.


Drace is a tomboy girl. She wears a grey hoodie with a darker grey skirt and a same color like the skirt tennis shoes.


Drace is a sassy girl that has a great sense in fasion. She is known as a "my way or the highway" kind of girl at the times. Her temper is very temporary and has a fierce attittude. Her good side, however, is easy to befriend.

Drace has a "fasionista" inside of her, spurting outside of her at all the right, and even the wrong, times. She is very compassionate towards her closest friends and has a soft side that is rarely seen over her sassy attittudes. Drace hates being "weird" in front of others, but sometimes is just that accidentally. She has no feelings for any boys quite yet, but hopes to one day find a boy that will love her for who she is. She is also great at helpful advice, like Skylar, and is great at creativity, as seen various times. She loves doing things for her friends and her friends only, making her a very close friend to Skylar Peterson. There are times, however, where she comes out and does nice things to hopeless strangers.

She is also very adventurous.


Gumball Watterson

Drace really likes Gumball as a friend, but really, as it seems, nothing more. She is an average friend to him and teases him about his crush on Skylar. They have a few fights, but always make up, one way or another. They seem to enjoy each other's company, and Drace thinks of Gumball as cute, funny, and smart. Drace might have feelings for Gumball, but no one knows for sure.



  • Her middle name is Licorice, referring to the candy licorice, and also may be a reference to Gumball's name, which is also a popular piece of candy.
  • Her last name, Landerson, is a reference to Gumabll's last name, "Watterson", similar to Skylar's last name, "Peterson"
  • Actually, her real name is Quincey, cuz Drake is a boy name.
    • She started to use this nickname since 7.