Today was the first day of Summer, and Fireball wandered around the house. Gumball and Darwin was serving Summer School and Anais was off on a boring Collage meeting. "Fireball, why don't you play with me?!" Nicole says despretly. She holds a huge container. "6000 peice puzzle..." Fireball whispered. After that, Fireball made sure he steered clear of his mom till Anais came back. "Maybe I can visit Aguilera!" Fireball said to himself. He looks to make sure no one is near the area and slips out.

Outside the Watterson household

Fireball walks outside in the hot mess of a day, sweating inside out. "Just...3" he huffs. He puts his head down and coughs. "Too much..." he mutters to himself. Next moment, he is laying on the ground, with a girl about his age staring strait at him. "Oh god, this isn't good!" she says quietly. Fireball shakes his head. "Ugh..." he moans. "What's going on?" The girl shreiks. "AHHH!" She yells. She probably thought that he died. "Hey hey...settle down." Fireball coaxed. "Tell me, whats your name?" He said. "...Haily." She said. Her hair was a bright yellow and her eyes were a void of grey. "Are you possibly looking for Aguilera?" Haily asked. "Yeah." Fireball answered. "Well, follow me, I know where she is. She isn't in her house." Haily said to Fireball, walking away. "Hey wait!" He yelled. "How am I supposed to know that you arn't lying?" "Cause," Haily whips back to Fireballs direction. "I'm her Cousin, and I wouldn't lie about her!"