"I thought only Cheryl was Aguilera's ONLY cousin." Fireball said. Haily just laughs. "Yeah, and I thought you were smarter then Daisy." Haily scoffs. "Are you following or not?" She questions. Fireball hesitates. "Maybe. I'm not sure." Fireball answered. "Well, you better think quickly, because i'm going to leave." Haily said, starting to turn back. "Wait!" Fireball yelled to Haily. "I'll follow you." He says. Haily stares for a few seconds then responds. "Okay. Follow me. I won't slow down, ya hear?"

At the entrance of "Le Pora"

"Welcome to Le Pora, the best club in the world." Haily sighs. "Atleast, thats what they make us say." Fireball tilts his head. "Le...Pora...? Whats that? You said it's a..." "A club, yes. And a very classy one." Haily finsished. She takes off her yellow rain coat, reveiling a pink dress with diamond-studded sleeves. " You see why I wear this coat?" She asked. Haily walks up to the vibrate colored door. "...Password...Please..." A voice said from the door. "...Uiosp..." Haily says quietly. "" The voice whispers, and the door opens up. " Uiosp? Passwords? What kind of club is this?" Fireball asks. "You'll see...You'll see very soon." Haily tells him. "Don't say anything. Don't do anything. Heck, Don't even LOOK at anything." She says to him. Fireball rolls his eyes. He didn't follow Haily's instructions, but he should have.