Inside Le Pora

Le Pora was a really big place, full of statues and banners. "This place is super big. Why do you need such a big place?" Fireball asks. "We have a big club. 99 girls," She said. "no boys." Fireball trys wrapping his head around the concept of 99 girls being in one club. "Shh, we're near the leaders room." Haily said quietly. "Whos the leader-" "Hush!" Haily hissed. The doors leading to the leaders room opens, and outside comes Cheryl. "Oh," Haily muttered. "It's just my sister." Fireball looked with utter hatred. He remembered Cheryl and her actions. She looked in Fireballs way, and for a moment, Fireball ACTUALLY WANTED to follow her. "You can come out now," Cheryl says. "I know your there." Haily walks out of their hiding spot, so Fireball follows. "Ah, Fireball..." Cheryl mutters. "Haily, follow me." She says to her, walking inside the leaders room. "Well?! Follow!" Haily told Fireball sternly. Next thing Fireball knows, he is being pushed inside the room.

Leaders Room

"Cheryl..." Fireball says with a strain in his voice. "Aww, the cat is mad...." She laughs. "That's not why I want you here." Fireball wonders what that last sentance meant. "Not want you here? What do you mean?" Fireball asks. Cheryl walks up to Fireball and Haily. "You wish to see Aguilera?" She says quietly. "Here she is, then." Cheryl pulls a curtain off, showing a tied up Aguilera. "Aguilera!" Fireball screamed. Cheryl holds a gun point-blank range. "Now stay still..." Cheryl cooed. "If I kill you, I can ruin Aguilera!" She yells. Everything felt in slow motion. Fireball couldn't move. The gun was shot. He felt himself get pushed. Everything stopped. "Haily!" Fireball said. Haily was on the floor, wincing by the pain of the bullet in her chest. "Haily...Oh well. She was a minimal sacrifice. Your next." Cheryl said coldly. Fireball looked down at Haily, who was dying. "What should I do..." Fireball said to himself.