Glenmore is in an alternate dimension where Elmore is ruled by Martha, and Carr leaves(this was once in the universe we are used to seeing back when Monty was 6), and it consists of an extra family: The Goodies.

The Goodies[1]Edit


  • Robert - he is an 11 year old giant Tootsie Roll wrapper. He is a fan of Maroon 5's music.
  • Johnny - he is a Tootsie Roll Pop. He just loves to blog. He is also 4 years younger than Robert.
  • Amy - she is the youngest yet smartest kid in the family. She is Anais' identical cousin(except Anais is pink, and Amy is purple).
  • Titanic - he is a boat on wheels with senses. It is possible he is either 8 years old, or 15 years old. It is hard to tell because he has the voice of Garfield the Cat.
  • Mario - he is Robert's twin, except for 1 thing: instead of Maroon 5, he is a fan of Katy Perry.


  • Carr - their evil cousin from Delmore (now Martha's Taco Kindgom). She is actually the Sadie you know of.
  • The 10 Dippers - their cousins from Gravitymore.