LIKE MAH STATUS Is the Fifth Video in The Super Spoof Week The Video Plots Aguilera Tellin the Viewers to like her status if they like that she Like&nbsp


Aguilera: Like My status! If you think im cute

Standing Infront of the Mirror And smiles

Aguilera: Like My status! If you like my Poker face, This mah Poker Face

Aguilera Makes her Pokerface

Aguilera: Like My status! If you Like Ice cream!

Eats Ice cream From the bottle with her hands

Aguilera: LIKE MAH STATUS If you have a Rumbler! (Parody of Tumbler) A RUMBLER

Aguilera: Like Mah Status if the time You Watched this you were like OOOOH MY GAAAAWD!

Aguilera: Like My Status if you think im Sexy

Jumps op in her Bed and Acts

Aguilera: Like My status If you Like My status

Thumbs op

Aguilera: You got a Phone Like My Like My status

Aguilera: Yo girl

Penny: Yo A-G

Aguilera: You know that Idiot Named Rachel

Penny: Yeah i Know that idiot namd Rachel

Aguilera: You know what she did?!

Penny: NO! Girl That she did

Aguilera: That Idiot Didnt Like My Status


Infront of Camera


Video ends