Inside the Watterson household

After all the commotion of Cheryl and Haily, Fireball decided to relax inside his room, but Haily had different plans. "Come on, Fireball! I'm 9, I need some excitment before I grow to old! ...Like you." Haily said through the phone. Haily was the girl Fireball met while walking to Aguilera's house, she was also Cheryl's sister. "I'm not old!" Fireball spat. Fireball had a distict feeling of Haily rolling her eyes. "Yes you are..." Haily said, drifting off. "What's wrong?" Fireball asked. "Fireball! Come to Aguilera's house! Quickly!" She said urgently. Fireball fumbled with the phone. "Okay, okay! I'll come as fast as I can!" Fireball told her, and hung up the phone. Was Haily telling him to come because she found a new lead to Cheryl's whereabouts?

Outside Aguilera's house

"I'" puffed Fireball. "Your so slow," Haily said to him. "even I can run faster. That's not the case..." Haily pulls out a small note. "I found this hidden inside one of Cheryl's books, look what it says!" She exclaimed. Fireball read the note out loud.

Ahh, so you have found my note. I wish you good luck of trying to get to me. Lets see, a good hint for you...Ahh..."I'm in the air, yet i'm also located at the ground. I'm only boreded twice, and hold many people at a time. My name is found at the nearest town and my lucky number is 36."

There was no Signiture on it.

"How do we know its Cheryl without a name on the note?" Fireball asked Haily. "That's easy. I compared it to my sisters 1st grade handwriting!" she said, seeming pretty proud of herself. "Somehow, I doubt that Cheryl's 1st grade writing is the same as her writing now..." Fireball muttered. "I already know the name of the item. It's called Lockport. I don't know the item itself, though...." Haily said. Fireball scanned the note again. "In the air...yet also located at the ground. That means it can fly." Fireball said to Haily. "The item is only boreded twice and holds many people. I think Lockport is a plane!" Fireball exclaimed. "Really?! I never went on a plane before! Let's get our tickets and head out!" Haily said, dashing out of the driveway. "Wait!" yelled Fireball. Haily stopped and turned around. "What?" She asked. "What happens if our parents notice! I mean, I can't just LEAVE." Fireball said. "Yes you can." Haily said sternly. "You and I have enough money for a 2-way trip. Lets go!" Haily said, dragging Fireball away.

Inside Lockport, seat 32

"Oooo! I'm so exited!" Haily exclaimed, squiming around her seat. "Yeah, remember, we gotta find Cheryl. This isn't fun and games." Fireball said. "Your no fun." Haily told him. "Ahhem. Passengers, please keep your seatbelts on ALL TIMES. This flight will only take 1 hour." the megaphone said. Fireball felt the plane rock. It flew up to the air. "Fireball, I feel tired..." Haily whined. It was only 7:32 A.M. "Really? I don't feel-" Thats when a wave of drowsiness hit's him. "What the..." Fireball slurred. He couldn't resist, he just had to sleep...