"Ugh, where am I?" Fireball groaned. He tried to move his hands, but they were bound together. "Huh?" He said as he opened his eyes. A small species of pink bunny rabbits were dancing around a fire. "They remind me of...Anais and Richard! Hahaha..." He laughed. But he stopped quickly. Two big rabbits carried a huge stick with a tied-up girl..."Haily?!" Fireball screamed. Haily was drenched in sauce and twinkled with some leaves. "They're going to eat her!!!" Fireball thought. "No! Stop! Don't eat her!" He yelled out at the top of his lungs. "Shut up, you stupid cat!" a huge rabbit said in a low baritone voice. "Letmego!" Haily commanded. "Let us start the cerimonial dance!" an old rabbit spat. The area got silent. A group of rabbits danced and danced, round and round. All Fireball could do is watch. "Hey!!! Hey!!! OoOo...Hey!!" one group muttered. "PolopolopoloPO!" another group said. The two rabbits holding Haily started moving towreds the blazing heat of the fire. "Hey!! HEY!! Polo!! POLO!!" They tribe screamed. Haily, who looked at the fire with teary eyes, stopped squirming. "She's giving in! She's going to let them roast her!" Fireball whispered. He noticed an odd smell coming from the rope. "Licorqrice?! Wait...I have a stupid and possibly deadly idea...!"