Fireball started to lick the licourqice. Then, he put his sharp cat fangs on the licourquice and started to chew. "Nowsh, I gotsh to getsh the rope loosesh..." He said, mouth full of licourquice. Haily noticed his attempt of escaping, of the licourquice rope. "Maybe the rope bind to me is also..." Haily sniffs the rope hard. "...Licourquice!" The rabbits were still dancing and humming incarnations, Fireball catching some words like "Sacrifice" and "Angry tree god". Of course, the words meant nothing to Fireball nor Haily, so they chew and chew. SNAP! Fireball ate his rope, followed by the marinated Haily. "They escaped!" One of the bartione bunnies yelled. Haily screams as a huge bunny pops out of the ground. "They knew we would escape!" She screamed. "Don't worry! Just follow my lead!" Fireball told Haily. The duo ran right across the bunnys huge legs. The bunny, who had the poor advantage of size, did not have enough speed. "Come on...if we...keep on...running, he won't...catch us!" Fireball stated. Haily points to a small town. "Look! We could hide there!" She said to Fireball. The duo nod at each other and run to the town.