Yeah i Guess i will make a Season 3 Anyway

Season 3 Will be of 30 Episodes


41.The Revenge: Sadie returns to Elmore to Get Revenge over Aguilera!

42.The Court: Aguilera takes Miss Simian to the Rainbow Court Because of her way of Treatin Children

43.The Wizard: Aguilera Goes to the Wizard of Oz on the Way she meets Fireball (Scarecrow) And Darwin (Tin Guy) and Gumball (Lion) and also met Mabel(Good Witch) to defeat Sadie(Wicked Witch).

44.The Past: Because Gumball Cant find out how to Use the Microwave!, Fireball Gumball Darwin Penny Aguilera Gets Sended Back in The Past!, But things Gets Worse! When! Young Richard Gets a Crush on Aguilera! And Young Penny's Father gets a Crush on Penny!

45. The Book: On The Way Home Fireball finds a Book Named Life note That can Bring people back to life!, But thing goes bad when the people that Comes alive is Zombies!

46. The Video: Aguilera Finds a Embarrassing Video of Penny on The Internet

NOTE: am Goin to Cancel Paris Cherries Cuz i Better wanna make this One

47.The School: Gumball and Fireball Misses the School Bus so they have to Find Another way to the School

48. The Heartland: One Day Penny Comes with the Breakin news Bout her Family is movin back to The Heartland, Penny really wants to Stay in Elmore, So Aguilera and Penny have to convince Penny's Family to stay in Elmore

49.The Anmesia: In The Recess Gumball comes with an Accident to slam his head into the Wall And Forgets Everything! So its up to Fireball and Darwin to make him Remember his Life Again

50.The Love: Darwin is Depressed because he Cant Win Aguilera's Heart, so Gumball and Fireball Tries to find him another Love Interest

51.The Sold: Gumball Comes with an Accident to Sell Fireball's Mac Computer, Later he Tells him it and says that he Sold Himself to the Clarksons to get the Money

NOTE: This Will be the First Fic where the Clarksons Appears since the Move

NOTE:After The Sold, will start the episodes without The.

52.Sadie's Pyromania: Sadie returns again to get revenge over all the city!

53.The Dimension wars - part l: Fireball was making a dimension portal, and time wars starts.

54.The Dimension wars - part ll: TBA

55.The Victory: Finally wars ended, anythine returns normal.

56.The Universe: Gumball was riding Fireball's moon rocket with him, but they lost in space.