Sullvan is the final character of the Wattersons and The Amazing World of Gumball to be seen. He is first seen in, The Rememberance. He was created by a boy that imagend it named, Eddy Aponte.{{Infobox

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He is an blue dog with an unknown species. He has a mouth similar to Timmy Turner from The Fairly Odd Parents, accept when he smiles sometimes... he smiles with a curved line going strait to his ear. When he screams, his head becomes the shape of an big C. His head is a big circle. He has 3 lines on his head for his hair. His ears are ovals that cover not much half of his head. He has a little black dot for his nose. His eyes are so big, they can reach his nose.

His body is medium oval. He has black plain stick figure like sticks for his hair,legs,feet,and tail. His legs are similar to Sal Left Thumb's, Only thiner. He has a triangle under his tail.

In Season 2, his body, head' face' legs' and others are the same. But his hair is thicker but still black and the triangle under his tail is removed. And his color is darker. His mouth also changed to Timmy's original smile.

In the Early Reel, he has a more simple appearence. He is sky blue and his triangle under his tail is replaced by an bow tie shape. He has small ears and his left eye is an oval while his right eye is a circle.

Fireball ToonsEdit

Sullvan also appears in Fireball Toons,but he has some slight hair under his original hair,and sadly,he can only be seen in his Regular form He'll appear in his current form later


When he sees smells or eats jelly, he becomes a Werewolf.

He hates humans in the show not in real life meaning that he hates? Tyler, Martin, Cody, Human Gumball, and others.

He made his loudest scream in The Tree when he realised the killer tree killed The Wattersons.

His parents were gone the same way Courage's parents were gone.

Anger mode[1]Edit

In the episode,The Evils Watterson,When everyone kicked him,he started to get angry,and his appearence changed.

1. He was slightly a pinkish color and his hair,and tail were spikes.

2. He was much more pinker,and his hair and tail had sparks on them.

3. He was completly red,and his outline was not vissible,and had more sparks.

4.He explodes,with a yellow explosion.



He really cares about Gumball like Darwin and he is always there for him, In Fireball  storys, he doesn't listen to him and ignores him.


He really loves Anias. If he needs her, she'll always help. In Fireball storys, he does the same with Gumball.


He's a good friend to Fireball and will always be. But in Fireball storys, he killed him.


He dosen't care much about Nicole but still likes her.


Like Fireball, he loves Richard even in the Fireball storys

Tina Rex

In The Love, he trys to impress Tina and goes out making him the 2nd character to be friends with Tina like Jamie. Jamie is also jeolous and jeolousy takes over her.

Mirranda Vendia

She is best friends with her.

Episode Appearences[2]Edit

The Rememberance/TheRememberance  (debut)

The Jelly

The Oven Alternive Ending

The Orphans Deleted Scene

The Return (only his werewolf verson)

The dog prank/The Dog Prank



The Love

The Forest

Sport is my lord  (Deleted scene)

The Swearing

The Amazing World Of Gumball Movie (cameo at the begining and end)

The Rock (final season 1 appearence)

The Annoyed dog

The Tail

The Smartbrain

The Cat

The humcat

The Volcano

The Amazing World of Gumball Short:Sullvan likes Fluttershy

The Amazing World of Gumball Short: Sullvan's Prank

The Amazing World of Gumball Short: Sullvan's Revenge!

The Archeologist

The Evils Watterson

The Elements

He is Qid

The Murder

The Sullvan Dog has problems

The Sullvan

Spongebob's biggest mistake yet!

The Yoshi

The Breakup

The Kidnapping

Sullvan's Video.


Voice ActorsEdit

Eddy Aponte (USA/UK/CANADA/)

Tom Kenny (Bumpers/Australia and Pacific)

Codrin Bradea (Romania)


Darwin: Why is Mirranda acting wierd?

Sullvan: Well, (Shows flashback.) I gave her a deviantart account so she could make a picture of you, but I found out that Gumball was playing the computer yesterday while he was a toxic monster and he put toxic waste on the mouse. (Flashback ends.) And also, she saw to many skins and pictures including Wolves.                  The Nutbox

NO! If you tell the police what you did, you'll be the prisoner of the shit!             The Murder

Well,atleast it was my favorite word......(dick)          The Super Wattersons 2

DICK!                                            Alot of time in his Regular form.

Way wook! it's Mr. Cinclus Pynus                                   The Forest

Well at least I don't fear water...                                  The Cat


(roaring noise)                     The Computer

Darwin: Hey Sullvan, aren't you keeping this PG rated? You might get in trouble if you say swears....

Sullvan: Im not gonna tell you guys again...Hey hey hey... STAY OUTTA MY SHIT!   Sullvan.MOV

(Deleted Sence) Penny: Kick her pussy!

Sullvan looks stares at Penny cause she cursed.

Penny: What?

Sullvan: Sex?                       Sport is my lord

Sullvan: (tired) Fuck off man............                                                  The Volcano

Sullvan:Dude I know your tail isn't gone i mean no crazy girl cut it off.

Gumball: Well i'll prove it. Watch... See?

Sullvan: Nope. WOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLY HOPPING HERBERT THE BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT A BONE POPING OUT!!!!!!!!!??????? (gasps) (has a heart attack)        The Tail

(Tyler pokes Sullvan multiple times)


Tyler:.......................... hi! :D

(Sullvan stares at him)

(Tyler is seen beat up and is bleeding) 

Tyler: Ok please leave me alone........ D;

Sullvan: And now, I think im not scared of humans anymore> :D

sorry creator of Tyler                                                                                         The Annoyed Dog

Gumball: I'm friends with a retarded blue dog?

A picture of Sullvan sad is seen and the screen turns black and white and everythng freezes and it says, R.I.P Sullvan Dog. WHAT HIS DICK-2012                                    The Smartbrain

Sullvan: What my dick are you doing?

Feri: Suck my balls

Sullvan: Put my dick in your balls

Penny:Hey Sullvan have you seen Gumball?

Sullvan: Shut up i'm fucking...                                         The Smartbrain

Penny: Uhhh guys... I recomend you to not say thee Fuck and Shit .

Gumball and Darwin: Why? It's a fanon.

Penny: Yeah but...

(Gumball and Darwin yell curse words)


Gumball:What? He's dead man i mean in The Rock, he died. Remember?

Penny: Yes i know but this isn't ga...

???????: HEY HEY HEY.....................

( Gumball, Darwin, and Penny look behind them)

Sullvan: I'm dead. SUCK MY DICK FERI !!                                 The Swearing    



Sullvan is the most seen character in the Agentpman1 series.

  • Unlike his family, his eyes are just plain ovals and his tears are different.
  • Even though he hates Darwin, Darwin dosen't know he hates him no matter what he does.
  • He is hatred by Catrin, just sometimes, cuz he says "dick" and "fuck".
  • He kills Penny.
  • It has a special smile.
  • In almost EVERY FAN FIC, his name appears in the trivas.
  • His Season 1 smile has scared viewers or creeped out viewers so they removed it and in Season 2, thet changed it to Timmy Turner's original smile
  • In Season 2, his triange under his tail is removed so people dont think it's his poop.
  • In season 2, is mouth changed to Timmy Turner's regular smile so his season 1 smile dosen't scare/creep out viewers/children.
  • Sullvan isn't the final character because Werewolf Sullvan and The Clones were made after him. 
  • In The Tail episode have life.

.Sullvan dies in the episode,The Rock.

. Hes the third and final one in the show without whiskers.

. The only member of the family that can transform.

In some episodes,he dislikes Darwin.

He resembles Courage,the Cowardly Dog in Episodes.

. His name was about to be Eddy too, but the creator though of something else and changed it into Sullvan.

. He is a real good friend to Fireball because they have some similar storys about them.

They both couldn't fine gumball

*They both told gumball that Halloween is in 30 days.

*And Fireball has been killed in both MOVS.

but in Sullvan.MOV,Sullvan kills Fireball and Fireball still like Sullvan.Sullvan possibly apoligised or Fireball forgoten.

He is super dumb in episodes when gumball or anyone eles he love dosen't get captured or controled like in The Rememberance,The Chicken,orThe Super Wattersons 2.

.GoofIn some episodes, his ears,tail,and hair can be missing.