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Hello! This is one of the other "The Amazing World of Gumball" Fanon wikis you might find. Hopefully, you might have a fun time here creating characters and making your own episode ideas!

Hello! Here are Some Good Ideas to Help you get Started:Edit

Amazing world by melissar1-d3gnhbu

Photo to give you ideas!

See that photo over there? That can help you get started with some character ideas!



1. Main characters
1.1 Watterson-Marcus

1.1.2 Chi Chi Wattermarcusen
1.1.2 Ribbit Wattermarcusen
1.1.3 Gumball Watterson
1.1.4 Darwin Watterson
1.1.5 Joseph "Joey" Claudius Marcus
1.1.6 Nicole Watterson
1.1.7 Richard Marcus
1. 2 Nuttels
1.2.1 Martha Nuttels
1.2.2 Cobby Nuttels
1.2.3 Andy Nuttels
1.2.4 Caroline Nuttels
1.2.5 Annabelle Nuttels
1.2.6 Allison Nuttels
1.2.7 Barney Nuttels


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