Gumball and Darwin go in the forest,only to find out that they are lost.


Gumball goes to the kitchen.Gumball eats Daisy flakes with Darwin.Richard goes to the kitchen to sit too,but only with a mad face.Gumball says:'Why are you mad,dad?'.With no response they go to the backyard,and play some dodge or dare,but they think of something to go to the woods.With their stupidity they go to the woods with some food and drinks,which Gumball takes and Darwin too.After a few minutes of walking,they find out they are lost,and Gumball says not to worry,becaus they are going in an adventure in the forest.With Darwin scared,they choose right instead of left,becaus right means that they are always right.Darwin thinks for left,but Gumball goes for right,and they both argue.When a predator wakes up,Gumball takes Darwin to go right.But the right way was left,becaus the right side had more predators looking for prey.Gumball sprints to the left side,which has a little shelter from very long ago.

When they go inside,they find more food.Darwin said that he was right,so Gumball apologises.But the predators are outside,so they make a door to not get noticed,but the door was all made of wood,and badly constructed.But they needed the door to live on and not get eaten by the predators.Time changes quickly,so they had to carry on where they came from,but they got another wrong way,and they thought to go back to the house,so they would sleep.Darwin knew where they left a while ago,so goes to the right place where they left of.So they sleep for the night,with nightmares of predators putting Gumball in a hotdog.But he then changes to kissing Penny.

The very next day,they wake up with not much food.Gumball gets angry,becaus they dont have enough food,and then rushes to their house,without thinking a single second.Gumball then sees the Robinson's house next to the Watterson's house.Darwin stands perplex how he got home without thinking.Darwin falls over and the episode ends.




The Predators