This is a video game based off the show.

Story Edit

Maximus Vice helps Rob turn everyone against Gumball.

Bosses Edit

Elmore Stage 1 Edit

  1. Jamie (First Boss)
  2. Dover Demon: It's based off Lost Tapes counterpart.
  3. The Blob: It's based off the 1988 remake.
  4. Invisible Man: He resembles Darkman from the Darkman series.
  5. Headless Horseman: He resembles his Sleepy Hollow show counterpart.
  6. End Boss: Gaylord & Margaret Robinson

Elmore Junior High Edit

  1. Behemoth: It's based off the one from Stephen King's The Mist.
  2. Legion
  3. Zephyr
  4. Quetzalcoatl: He resembles the Giant Snake from The Cabin in the Woods.
  5. Frankenstein's Monster: He resembles the Incredible Hulk.
  6. End Boss: Miss Lucy Simian

Elmore Stage 2 Edit

  1. Anais Watterson
  2. Ash Williams
  3. Leatherface: He's based off his Mortal Kombat X counterpart.
  4. Arthopleura: It's based off its Primeval counterpart.
  5. Patrick Fitzgerald
  6. Werewolf: It's based its Castlevania Portrait of Ruin counterpart.
  7. Aguni: It's based off Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow/Portrait of Ruin counterpart.
  8. End Boss: Nicole Watterson

Warped Elmore Edit

  1. Megalania: He's based off the Split Head, but its head doesn't split.
  2. Mothra
  3. Gillman: He's based off his Monster Squad counterpart.
  4. Leviathan: He's based off his Devil May Cry counterpart.
  5. Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp: He's based the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man
  6. End Boss: Richard Watterson

Elmore Park Edit

  1. Tobias Wilson
  2. Mantis Man
  3. Mongolian Death Worm
  4. Abaddon: He's based off his Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow/Portrait of Ruin counterpart.
  5. The Mummy: He's based off his Bookworm Adventures counterpart.
  6. End Boss: Tina Rex

Dream Elmore Edit

  1. Pyramid Head
  2. Pinhead
  3. Freddy Krueger: He resembles his appearance from Mortal Kombat (2011).
  4. End Boss: Zach

Downtown Elmore Edit

  1. Sal Left Thumb
  2. Flatwoods Monster
  3. Michael Meyers; He's based off the remake of Halloween.
  4. Elasmotherium; It's based its Prehistoric Park counterpart.
  5. Rodan
  6. Chupacabra: He's based off his Generator Rex counterpart.
  7. King Kong: He's based off the 2005 remake counterpart.
  8. End Boss: Dracula

Elmore Stage 3 Edit

  1. Darwin Watterson
  2. Jersey Devil: He's based off his Lost Tapes counterpart, more specifically the picture.
  3. Kenneth
  4. Loch Ness Monster: She's based off her Beyond Loch Ness counterpart.
  5. Balore: He's based off this picture.
  6. Kraken
  7. Yeti: He's based off his Far Cry 4 counterpart.
  8. End Boss: Hector Jotunheim

Elmore Cemetery Edit

  1. Carrie Krueger
  2. Lilith: She resembles her Darksiders counterpart.
  3. The Snatcher
  4. God: He resembles Mundus from Devil May Cry.
  5. Satan: He's based off Dante's Majin Form from Devil May Cry 2.
  6. End Boss: Grim Reaper: He's based off Death's Reaper Form from Darksiders II.

Elmore Stage 4 Edit

  1. Smilodon: He resembles his Primeval counterpart.
  2. Bigfoot: He resembles his Weird n Wild Creatures counterpart.
  3. Spring-Heeled Jack: He resembles his Weird n Wild Creatures counterpart.
  4. Moby Dick
  5. Owlman: He resembles his Secret Saturdays counterpart.
  6. End Boss: Bobert

Forest of Doom Edit

  1. Jason Voorhees: He resembles his Mortal Kombat X counterpart.
  2. Wendigo: He's based off his Lost Tapes counterpart, more specifically the picture.
  3. Slender Man
  4. End Boss: Penny Fitzgerald

Elmore in Ruins Edit

  1. Woolly Mammoth: He's based off his Street Fighter X Tekken counterpart.
  2. Godzilla: He resembles his Legendary counterpart from Godzilla (2014)
  3. Mothman: He's based his counterpart from the Mothman Curse
  4. End Boss: Gumball Watterson

The Void Edit

  1. Bahamut: He's based off his Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn counterpart.
  2. King Ghidorah
  3. Anderous
  4. End Boss: Rob

Elmore City Hall Edit

  1. Cthulhu (Penultimate Boss): He's based off his Gravity Falls counterpart, but with bigger wings.
  2. End Boss: Maximus Vice (Final Boss)