Is a short preview of The Breakup.

Info Edit

Date of first debut: EU: June3 - Spain: June 15- Australia: June 29 - Asian: June 30 - Romania: June 1

Type: Short film (max.45 min)


Australia, Asia, Latin America, Japan, France, Canada, Turkey and Arabia has censored many episodes of FF series. Most of the censorship has been removed due to sexually suggestive innuendo and cussing. This also includes some episode titles that have been renamed due to the censorship. So far, Almost all episodes have been edited.

Episodes with Australian CensorshipEdit

Australia often censors violence, sexually innuendo, and suggestive material as well. so far, Yarnball's Diary was the most censored episode with 24 censors.

  • The Chillin song was cut because this episode was copying the same song from Regular Show.
  • The line, "Get us back our rings or we'll kick your ass!" was cut.
  • The sex scene was cut to keep impressionable views from doing the same thing.
  • Any instances of characters quitting was cut.

Episodes with Spain CensorshipEdit

  • The whole Chillin song was cut.
  • The line, "What....the...hell!" was cut.
  • The whole sexual scene was cut to keep impressionable views from copying Gumball and Penny.
  • Any instances of characters quitting was cut.
  • The word, "Ble Blop" was cut.
  • Any instances of cuss words was muted.
  • The puking was cut.
  • Any blood and killing references was cut.