The CousinEdit

The Cousin is the 7th Episode in Season two


Gumball and Mabel's Cousin Simon comes for a Visit, But When Skylar Meets him she Begins to Get Attractive To him! And Begins to Fall In love with him!, And that Makes Darwin Really Mad!!


  • In this Episode we find out that Gumball and Darwin has a Cousin
  • The Thumbnail music is the same from The Fight

Fan FictionEdit

Scene shows that Gumball Darwin and Anais is Sittin on the Trap Waitin


Then Skylar Comes

Skylar: Hey Guys! Whatcha Doin?

Darwin: Waitin for Our Cousin to Arrive

He said Flatly

Skylar: A Cousin? What is his or Her Name?

Gumball: He's Name is Simon

Skylar: Simon! Whats a Wonderful Name!

Darwin: Look there comes His Bus

A Yellow Bus Stops and Simon Comes out of it

Simon: Hey Gumball Hey Darwin Hey Anais It so Good to See you!

Darwin: Hey Simon (He said Flatly)

Skylar: Oh My god what A Hottie!

Simon: Hey Darwin What About a Hug?

Darwin: Im Sorry I Have a Disease what makes me Unhugable

Simon: Okay?

Simon: Gumball Oh i Missed you So much! What About a Hug?

Gumball: Sorry Anais has infected me

Simon: Wow what a Contaigion!

Simon: And who is this Beautyful Girl?

Simon Points at Skylar

Darwin: Its my

But Skylar Suddenly comes and Interrupts Darwin

Skylar: My Name is Skylar!

Skylar: Im guardian teenage! And and and!!

Simon: Wow take it easy My name is Simon

Skylar: Shall I Bet you around?!

Simon: Okay!

Skylar: GREAT!

Then Simon And Skylar Rushes

Anais: What the heck was That? Did Skylar Just Just Blast off with another Guy

Gumball: Take it easy Anais You know how Girls are!

Darwin: Yeah i Think you're Right

Gumball: Come on lets go in

Scene Shows that Darwin is sittin on the Couch

Anais: Aww! Come on! How long time can it take!?

Then the door Opens and Simon comes in

Anais: Where were you?

Simon: What do you mean?

Anais: Why did it took so long time?

Simon: Skylar showed Me Hold Elmore!

Simon: Its a Very Large City!!, Not like my Town its Very small

Anais: Yeah Right

Darwin: You didnt Flirt with her or Something?!

He asks Suspecious

Simon: Of Course not!

Simon: Well *Yawns* Its late so im Goin to Bed Good night!

Darwin: Night Don Juan

Simon: What?

Darwin: Nothing!

Then Simon goes up at the Stairs and into the GuestRoom