Aguilera is seen walkin in the city tryin to find Fish

Aguilera:Oh my God! Gotta find fish over for Fireball's dinner with his family! but where to find the fish that I have ?

Then she goes into a grocery store

Aguilera goes over to the Store Clerk

Aguilera: Excuse Mr Have you seen this Fish?

Clerk: Yeah! We have fish!

Aguilera: Really?

Clerk: Yes its Exactly Now 3 Years ago Two Boys come in the Store and Buyed

Flashback shows that Gumball and Fireball Buys fish from the grocery store

Fireball: What should we call It?

Fireball: Hmmm Oh I know Poseidon!

Gumball: No I think we should Call it Taco

Then the Flashback ends?

Clerk: Aaah Good timea

Aguilera: Well have you seen him walkin sad around here in the Town?

Clerk: What do you mean Walkin Fish dosent have Legs?

Aguilera: Haha Its actually a Funny I Thinks its about 2 Years ago

Clerk: What the heck? What do you mean

Aguilera: Nothing

Clerk: No I havent seen him

Aguilera: Damn

Then she walks sad out of the Store