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MS Paramella (Haha this's lol)

The Fireball Adventure


  • Fireball
  • Gumball
  • Aguilera
  • Darwin
  • Penny
  • Anais
  • Nicole
  • Captain Hook


  • Despite that this aired as a New Year Special, in Romania aired in the Christmas
  • The Real life shots of the Ship shows that the MS.Paramella is Queen mary 2
  • Captain Hook is voiced by the real Captain of Queen mary 2 Nick bates
    •  The capitan's name is also a reference to Captain Hook from Peter Pan movie
  • In this Special we find out that Aguilera is Australian
  • This Special was rated TV-PG Because of Some what Harsh Scenes. Also Because of the Language
  • This is the First time Aguilera Kisses Fireball
  • When Aguilera Says SHUT UP PENNY Its a Reference to Stella Stevens Line in the Film Nonnie Shut up!
  • While the Credits were Rollin the Song Morning After From the Original Poseidon Movie were Playin
  • Aguilera is the first person to say Freakin in the Series The Second one was Fireball
  • Aguilera's Line Is he gonna All right? Is the same Line Martha uses after Cobby's faling
  • The Nuttels appears, but they haven't talked

Deleted sceneEdit

This is a Deleted Line but here is it

Gumball: Well how we gonan get out?

Aguilera: I Know! I can ask Sara!

Aguilera takes her Iphone op

Aguilera: Sara Who we gonna get out of this ship?

Sara: I Dont know? What do you think

Aguilera: No no no! Im the Person and you are the App, You will give me the answer

Sara: Im sorry No Answer

Aguilera: Stupid App!


The Season 1 Finale Also A Parody of The Ocean Disaster The Poseidon Adventure Okay heres the Synopsis: Fireball Wins a Free Sail With The New Modern Ocean Liner MS Paramella While Celebrating New Year's eve Fireball Meets His Love Interest Aguilera And Gumball Also Meets his Darwin is Feelin Left Out. While Celebrating The Ship Gets hit By a Gigantic Tidal wave. Luckily All The Passengers Crew and Captains Gets out of the Ship Safe Expect Fireball Aguilera Gumball Darwin Penny And Anais. Can Fireball Saves All His Friends Or will They All Drown

Fan FictionEdit

Its Really Hard to Write All That Plot So i Decides to do a Fan fiction About it Edit

The Family Sitting Around The Table And Eatin Breakfast

Nicole: Fireball Could you go out And Pick up The Mail

Fireball: Ok * Goes out to the Mailbox*

  • Takes Mail out*

Fireball: *Reads Mail* Bill Bill Bill Bill Oh And more Bills

Fireball *Reads Another mail* Oh This one Different

Fireball *Reads Frontside* You won?...

Fireball*Opens Letter* Congratilations Fireball You Just Won a All Inclusive Sail With The Modern Ocean liner MS.Paramella All is Free!!

Fireball: Oh My god! :OOO I WON *Runs Into the House*

Fireball: I WON I WON

Gumball and Darwin: What did you won?!

Fireball: An All Inclusive Sail With the New Modern Ocean Liner MS.Paramella! Over The pacific ocean! And we is going to Enter Many Islands! And The ship tour will end in Sydney Australia And Then we get a Free Flight home

Nicole: Fireball Sweety Dont you think its very Expensive

Fireball: Mom..Dont you Understand The Word Inclusive And it is Written on The Letter All is free!

Nicole: *Takes Letter* Oh..Everything is free

Fireball: Yeah! And The best is That they is going to have a AWESOME NEW YEAR! PARTY

Richard: That Sounds Great *Looks at nicole* Please Nicole Can we go Please please please

Fireball Gumball Darwin Richard: Please Please please

Nicole: Ok

Everybody: YEAH!

The next Day

Nicole: *Lashing Bagagge in the car* Okay Has Everybody Pact?

Everybody expect Nicole: Yes!!

Nicole: All right Guys its gonna be a Long tour to San Fransisco Harbor

Nicole: I thinks Its gonna take an Hour

Drives away from House

2 Hour later

Nicole: All right it took 2 Hours But we Finally Is here San fransico Harbor

Gumball: *Wakes up* Wha Whats goin on

Darwin: We are here Now :DD

Anais: That was a Very long tour

Richard: I know But we finally Here!

Fireball: But what are we doing in the car Lets get out

  • Everybody goes out of car*
  • Next Scene Shows That The Wattersons Waiting on The ship

Anais: Seriously Shouldnt The Ship be here now

Fireball: Yeah we almost been standing here for 15 Minues

Gumball: Maybe The sail is cancelled

Darwin: Dont say that it cant be :(

Fireball: LOOK! *Points at Gigantic Ship*

  • Elegant Music Plays as The ship Sails to Harbor*
  • The Ship gives an Gigantic Funnel Sound*
  • Everybody Holds there ears*

Gumball: Aaaah! Turn it down Over there!!!

  • Funnel sound Stops*

Gumball: Thanks

  • The Wattersons Walks into The ship And Enter the big Mall

Fireball: Wow! *Looks op at the big Mall* This Ship is Huge

Captain Hook: Welcome Passengers on my ship

Captain Hook: My Name is Captain Sonny Hook I Am The Captain of MS Paramella

Fireball: Wow! I Heard Of you.You have been Captains of Many Ships

Captain Hook: Yes Mah Boi. Uh Silly me You must be the Winners of the Free All Inclusive Sail Its Very Great to meet you

Nicole: Yes thats us!

  • Screen changes to Aguilera That is Coming Out of a Boutique op at The Higher Floors In The Mall*

Aguilera: Huh? Oh My! *Notices Fireball* Its Fireball Hey Fireball!

  • Fireball Dosent Notice Aguilera's Shouting*

Aguilera: Woohu! Fireball

Fireball: Huh? Thats Weird I feel like someone is Sayin my Name?

Aguilera: Aw Come on! *Angrered*

Captain Hook: Ok Heres Your card to your Cabin Its on Deck 12

Nicole: Thanks

  • The Wattersons Walks Away to there Cabin *

Aguilera: Aw man *Walks away sadly*

  • The door opens Into the cabin*

Gumball: Wow!

Anais: This place is huge

Darwin: Yeah!

Gumball: Oh! Theres a Wii

Darwin: And Wii Remote

Gumball: Lets Play!

Nicole: Boys we just have come in to our Room Shouldnt we First Check it out

Gumball: Okay we will Check The Wii Out

Nicole: Okay I Check our Bedrooms

Richard: And i will eat All the food in The Minibar

Anais: I see if theres some good Books to read

Fireball: And i check The Cabin Out

  • Gumball Darwin and Fireball Goes out of The cabin*

Fireball: Allright Shouldnt we Check the Ship Out now?

Gumball and Darwin: Yeah

Fireball: Okay Shall we first check the Play hall Out or The Bowlingball hall Out or The mall

Gumball Darwin: Bowlingball Hall!!

Fireball: i knew it Lets go

Scene Changes to Gumball darwin And Fireball Bowling

Gumball: Okay *Rowls the Bowlingball Toward the Bowling pins*

Hits Pins

Fireball: YES STRIKE!!

Scene Changes to Fireball Playin Boogie (Parody of Just dance) With an Stranger

Scene Now Shows on the screen That Fireball Won

Fireball: Yeah! I won

Scene Changes Gumball Darwin and Fireball Sittin down on a Bench and Eatin Ice cream

Darwin: Wow This ship is amazing!

Gumball: Yeah its have Everything Games Food And Fun

Gumball sighs

Gumball: Just Penny was here with me

Fireball: Just Aguilera was here with me

Gumball and Fireball Sighs

Darwin: Sigh

Aguilera: But im right he Wha

A Flood of People Gets in Aguilera

Aguilera: Hey Wait Im Not going that way hey!

Aguilera Goes into her Cabin sad Looking

Aguilera's mom: So Aguilera Did you meet Fireball

Aguilera: Yes like that.That theres Always Something That Stops me

Aguilera's mom Sits by the side of Aguilera

Aguilera: Maybe The Fate Dosnt want us to Be Together

Aguilera's mom: Aguilera Sweety Dont say Such things When i met your dad it was hard for me too To get to him

Aguilera: And? Thats a Hold Different way

Aguilera sighs

Aguilera: Im goin to bed

Aguilera's mom: Buts its only 16:45 PM Sweety

Aguilera: I dont care

Aguilera's mom: Poor Girl

Scene Now Changes to Captain Hook Sittin in the Control Room

Captain hook Looks at the Sunset

Captain hook: What a Beautyful sight

Sailor: Mr.hook Theres more Reports of Bad Weather on the Sail road

Captain hook: Uh Its always Bad Weather, Bad weather South Bad weather North theres Never good Weather on the sea Nowadays

Sailor: But Sir this ones Different, It says That were can be Really Harsh Wind And Very Big Waves

Captain hook: And rain?

Sailor: No Captain No Rain Sir

Captain hook: Great I Hate rain It always Hurts my Ship

Sailor: Sir, Just you Understand That it can be Very Dangerous

Captain hook: Look Mah Boi, This is an Modern Ocean Liner Theres has to be a Enourmous Wall of water to Sink my Ship Hehe

Sailor: *Sigh* Your right But it can maybe has Effect on The New year party

Captain hook: Just the food dont take any Damage

Screen Now Zooms Away from the Bridge Window Showing That more Wester It is Very Bad weather

Screen shows the description The next day

Scene now Shows that the Wattersons is sittin down with the Table in The Ballroom

Anais: That Took really Long time to find the Ballroom

Looks at Richard

Richard: What? Okay we ended down in the engine room and so We finally here after find the ballroom in 1 hour

Nicole: Its hard to find around here

Fireball Turns his head right

Fireball: Oh my Its Aguilera

Scene shows Aguilera standing with the side of the scene in the same View of her in The Party

Fireball: Aah

Gumball: You should go over and talk with her

Fireball: No Cant Not Tonight

Gumball: Come on This is your chance Fireball!

Fireball: I gotta Know why she's here on the ship, She probably goin to visit her family in Sydney

Gumball: What do you mean?

Fireball: Aguilera is Australian she Moved from Sydney when she was 4 Years-old

Gumball: Were do you know all that from?

Fireball: Oooh.. Look its penny!!

Fireball Runs away When Gumball turns his head Right

Gumball: Huh What?

Spots Penny

Gumball: Oh My god It is Penny!

Gumball sees penny with the same from The Party

While Fireball is runnin away from Gumball he Bumps into Aguilera

Fireball: Oh Im so sorry!

Aguilera: Oh that nothi

Stops Talkin when she finds out that it was Fireball that Bumped into her

Aguilera: Fireball its you!

Fireball: Yes it is With an Nervous tone

The Of them two gets up off the floor

Fireball: Yeah

Aguilera: So

Aguilera: Fireball Shall we go to the side of the Scene And there can we talk

Fireball: Yeah that fine

Scene Changes to Gumball who is Drooling over Penny

Darwin now sees that Fireball is talkin with Aguilera That makes him Angry

Darwin: Gumball dont you sometimes feel like Someone its stealin Your Future With an Angry tone

Gumball: Yes Gumball dosent cares and keeps droolin over penny

Darwin: And You Just wanna Kill Him! With an More Angry tone

Gumball: Yes darwin Still droolin over penny

Darwin: And and! Gah! Forget it!!

Scene Changes to Aguilera And Fireball Talkin With Each Other

Aguilera: Yeah i Think that

Suddenly Quiet

Aguilera: Fireball, You know i always haved these Special For You

Fireball: Me too

Aguilera:So I just wanna say that that, I like you

Fireball: Yeah

Fireball And Aguilera is just about kiss But then the Party Leader is talkin in his Blowhorn

The Party Leader: Ladies and Gentlemen

The Party Leader: Theres 15 Seconds To New year

Gumball: Yeah Awesome!

The Party leader: Lets Begin the Countdown Nnnnn Now!

Everybody in the Ballroom: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Everybody: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The ships Band Plays Happy new year By ABBA

Everybody In the Ballroom Sings Happy new year

Darwin Looks at Aguilera Talkin with Fireball Saddend

Darwin: Well I just go out on the deck

Scene shows darwin is standing lookin out of the sea

Darwin now takes a Necklace were theres a Picture of Aguilera

Darwin now Throws the necklace

Scene Now changes to Captain Hook Sittin in his Captain Chair

Captain Hook: Aaa.. New year I love it!

Sailor: Sir i Got Terrible News!

Captain Hook: What is the Kitchen On Fire again?

Sailor: No Much worse

Sailor: A Big Enourmous Wall of Water is Coming Towards The Ship!

Captain Hook: WHAT! Let me see

The Sailor gives the Captain Some Binoculars

Captain hook sees the wave with the Binoculars

Captain Hook: Sailor wheres all the Passengers

Sailor: In the Ballroom to Celebrate New year

Captain Hook: Set the Alarm Lets get all the Passengers in the Lifeboats

Sailor: What?! Captain Thats Impossible

Captain Hook: No do it

Sailor: Okay

Press's the Alarm Button

Scene Now Changes to the Ballroom Where the Alarm is Settin on

Everybody gets Quiet and Looks Around Confused

Fireball: What the heck is Happening?

Scene Now Changes To Darwin That Is About to Jump off The Ship but then He sees the wave he runs into The Ballroom

Nicole: We Better get out

Scene Shows that all the Passengers is gettin out of the Ballroom

Nicole Stops and says

Nicole: Wait Wheres darwin?

Fireball: I i'will find him

Gumball: Wait for me

Anais: Dont go without me

Aguilera: Me too!

Aguilera Fireball Gumball Anais Runs and Bumps into Darwin

Gumball: Darwin You Alive!

Aguilera: Its Good to Be Together!

Everybody Hugs Darwin

Fireball Now sees That the doors out to the Deck is Just Bout to Close

Fireball: Come on

Everybody Runs into the door That Closed

Fireball: No We Trapped In the Ballroom!

Aguilera: What are we Goin to DO?!

Fireball: Everybody To the Other side Hold in Something

Anais: Why?

Fireball: I Think the Ship is Goin to Capsize!

Everybody Runs to the Other side

Scene Shows that the Wave is gettin Closer and Closer

The Ship now gets Hit By The Wave And Capsizez

Aguilera Anais Fireball Gumball Darwin Falls To The Other side

Scene Shows the Ship Capsizing While The Passengers is Lookin

The Ship is Now Capsized

Nicole: Wow Kids that was Scary

Nicole Notices that her kids isnt in the Lifeboat

Nicole: Huh? Anais Gumball Fireball Darwin Where are you?!?!

Captain Hook: Wow..I didnt know i had to lose my Ship so early Well! Lets sail away

Nicole: WAIT! My Kids is still in There

Aguilera's Mom: And My Aguilera Sweety

Penny's Mom: And My Penny!

Captain Hook: Lets Face it Mrs.Watterson they are dead

Nicole: No! My Mother Soul Says That They Still are Alive

Nicole: But they need Help to Get out You Have to Bring a Resuce Force

Captain: Okay Okay! I will Call The Sea Rescue Force

Scene Now shows That the Light Turns On And Aguilera Wakes up

Aguilera: Oh My god What Just Happenin?

Aguilera: What the?..The Tables is Upside down?!

Aguilera Spots Fireball That has Fainted

Aguilera: Fireball Fireball Wake Up Wake up Please!

Fireball Wakes up

Fireball: What Just Happend?? In Confused Tone

Aguilera Hugs Fireball Because He's Alive

Aguilera: Oh! I Thought You Were dead!

Fireball: Yeah Is Everybody Okay?

Gumball: Yeah

Darwin: Im Okay!

Fireball: And Anais?

No Answer is Comin from Anais

Fireball: Anais? Anais! Where are you?!

Anais: Im up here

Everyone Looks Confused around

Fireball: Where?

Anais: Im up at one of the Tables

Fireball: What the? How did you get up where

Anais: I dont know!

Gumball: Shall we get you down?

Anais: Thats a Stupid Question Gumball!

Fireball: Anais Just Jump down in my arms

Anais: I dont think Thats a Good idea Fireball

Fireball: Why?

Anais: Dont you remember last time?


Scene shows Anais is up in a tree

Anais: How shall get down

Fireball: Just down in my arms

Anais jumps down but Fireball misses her

Fireball: Oops

Flashback ends

Fireball: Hmm..You get a good point

Fireball: Well we can find something you can land on Hmm

Fireball Spots a Fallen Curtain

Fireball: Aha!

Fireball: We can use this Curtain to get Anais down

Fireball: Okay Everybody Hold it out

Fireball Looks up on Anais

Fireball: Okay Anais you can Jump down on this Curtain

Anais: I cant! Am Scared ;(

Fireball: Come on Anais Trust us!

Anais: Okay! Here we go!

Jumps off Table


Anais Lands Safely Down On the Curtain

Fireball: You did it Anais

Hugs Anais

Penny: Well what are we goin to now

Gumball: I think just we gonna sit down and wait

Fireball: No! We Cant Just sit here

Anais: But Fireball what do you know?

Fireball: I Know this much!! *With Big Voice*

Fireball: The Seawater Is Gonna keep Pouring In!

Fireball: We Gonna sink Deeper and Deeper

Fireball: We may Go Under Before we can get to the Bottom And Cut Our Way out!

Fireball: If we stay here Theres No Doubt About we die!

Aguilera: Fireballs Right!*Stays up*

Aguilera: We Cant Just sit here

Penny: Yeah Smartpants But first we has to get out of here!

Fireball: Hmmmm..

Fireball spots the Exit

Fireball: Look! *Points at Exit op in the Corner

Anais: Yeah, But how do we get up?

Fireball: Hmmm We Must Use something as a Ladder

Aguilera: Where should we find a Ladder in a Ballroom

Aguilera: Ladders dont fall down from the Heaven

The Christmas tree that is Upside begins to Break and falls down and the Bottom Reaches to the Exit

Everybody is staring weird at the Christmas tree

Aguilera: Dont say a Word

Scene Now Zooms out of a Window and goes op over the Water

And Captain hook is seen talkin in his Telephone Probably with the Sea Resce Force

Captain Hook: Aha Okay

Hangs up

Captain Hook: Okay Mrs Watterson i have called Elmore Sea Rescue Force

Captain Hook: And They will be here in 2 Hours

Nicole: 2 Hours?!

Nicole: But but They have to come now!

Captain Hook: Mrs Watterson

Nicole: Just Call Me Nicole

Captain Hook: Nicole I Know you're Worried About Your Children

Captain Hook: But we are in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean

Captain Hook: They cant Just Come down From Sky

Nicole: Look they are there

The Sea Rescue Is Coming in there Boat

The Sea Rescuer 1: Here we are Captain Hook

The Sea Rescuer 2: We Heard About the Kids in the Ship We Comed so Fast We Could

Nicole: Oh that was good

Scene Now Changes to Fireball that is Helping His friends Up at the tree

Fireball: Here you go Penny

Penny: Thanks

Penny Kisses Fireball On The Cheek

Fireball Smiles

Fireball: All right Gumball You the Last one

Aguilera Comes out of the Exit

Aguilera: Is Everything Goin Fine?

Fireball: Yeah Everything is goin fine

Notices that Aguilera is in a Another Outfit

Fireball: Hey Aguilera

Fireball: Where did you get that Outfit from?

Aguilera: This?

Aguilera: I dont Know it Just Came on me

Scene Now Shows The Ship is Givin Explosion


The Windows In the Ballroom Cracks Op And Water is Floodin In the Ballroom

Christmas Tree Falls Down But Fireball Graps Gumballs hand

Gumball: Oh My god!

Fireball: Dont Grab Off Gumball

Aguilera Takes Fireballs Leg And Pulls Gumball and Fireball Op

Fireball: We Need to get Out of here

Fireball: Right Now

Fireball Gumball and Aguilera is into the Exit But Fireball Looks Back Worried

Aguilera: Come on Fireball!

Fireball Closes the Door

Everybody is starin at Fireball

Fireball: What Are you Lookin

Fireball: Lets go!

Everybody Walks Among the Hallway

Aguilera Stops

Aguilera: All right Fireball what is the First Thing we do?

Fireball: Okay we first thing is

Fireball is hearing Talkin While Darwin Spots a Window

Darwin: Hey Why cant we just Swim out of a Window?

Fireball: NO! DARWIN!

Darwin Opens the Window So the Water is Flooding in

Fireball: Darwin its Very Very Terrifying To Open a Window

Fireball: Underwater!!!

Darwin: Sorry i didnt Know that ;(

Fireball: Ugh! We Need to get out of here right now!

Penny: See!

Penny Point at a Air Shaft Tunnel

Penny: A Air shaft!!

Fireball: Awesome We can Crawl Through! That

Everybody Gets in the The Air Shaft Tunnel While the Water is Floodin in the Hallway

Everybody is Crawlin in the Air Shaft Tunnel

Aguilera: Okay Fireball What are we gonna do now?

Fireball: If Im Right this Tunnel will Get Us Through to the Ships Mall

Gumball: Good we Can Get a Ice Cream!

Fireball: Gumball we dont have Time For that

Fireball: Hey I Think i can see the Mall Now!

Fireball Kicks The Plate that is on the Exit

Everybody gets safe out of the Tunnel And goes out to the Mall

Anais: Wow

Scene shows that the Mall Is Totally Destroyed

Darwin: Oh My goodness The Mall is Totally Destroyed

Anais: You can say that again

Fireball: How should we over to the Other side

Fireball Spots a Iron Column That Leads to the Other side

Fireball: See That Thing can get us over to the Otherside

Aguilera: Seriously Fireball

Aguilera: Dont you think its a Little Dangerous?

Fireball: Yes its Probably Dangerous

Fireball: So I will Climb over for finding if its Safe

Aguilera Grabs In Fireball

Aguilera: What are you Crazy?! That Freakin Dangerous!

Fireball: Its Maybe the Only Way Out

Fireball Climbs Over the Iron Column while the Underland Scary Music Plays But he Gets Safe Over

Fireball: See That was Safe

Penny: Well Guess We Just can Go Over Safe

Everybody Gets Over safe While the Same Underland Scary Music Plays

Fireball: See Everything is still Safe

The Ship Gives More Explosions

Alot more Water Floods in the Mall And Some Benzin Drops Down in the Water from the Upper Decks Causing a Peel Of Fire Coming down from the Water

Everybody gets shocked Because of the peel of Fire

Fireball: Get Away!

Everybody Runsaway

Penny: Wow that was Very Scary

Fireball: Okay Guys

Goes over to a Door

Fireball: Allright guys this Trap leads straight the

Fireball Opens the door that the Trap is Flooded

Fireball: Engine room...

Fireball: Oh No! Its Flooded

Fireball: What are we gonna do now?

Fireball is hearing talkin while Aguilera goes out to the mall

Aguilera: Huh Wha?!

Aguilera sees the rising water coming up

Aguilera Runs over to fireball

Aguilera: Uhm Fireball?

Fireball dosent Answers

Aguilera: But Fireball!

Fireball: No Right now Aguilera

Aguilera: Fireball!

Fireball: What!?

Aguilera: WATER!

Aguilera Points at the Rising water that is Comin in the room

Fireball: OH GOD! RUN!

Everybody gets washed down the stairs and ends at a Door into a Hallway

Fireball: Everybody In in!

Aguilera: Closes the Door and runs over the rest of the team

Aguilera runs over to Fireball

Aguilera: Uhm Fireball (In Nervous tone) Is this the Right way?

Fireball: I dont know i Hope

Scene shows now that more Explosiosn occurs

Gumball: Holy!

Lights go out And everything is pitchblack

Fireball: Great Now i cant see Anything!

Aguilera: Oh no

Darwin: Aw you just pricked your finger into my Eye!

Aguilera: Sorry I cant see a Pitch

Penny: Aw you just stomped on my foot Darwin

Everybody is Mumbling and talkin

Gumball: Aww!

Fireball comes to kick Gumball in the groin

Fireball: Uh Sorry Gumball

Gumball: Thats nothing (In Painfully Tone)

Aguilera Laughs

Aguilera: Cute, I thought cats could see in the Dark

Fireball: Guess we not

A Watery sound is heard

Fireball: What the heck was that?

Anais: It sound like water

Gumball: That also what you can hear from my pants! (In Painfully Tone)

Aguilera: Oh My God What is goin to happen now?

Everybody: Aaaaaa!

Lights go on again and the hold Gang gets washed into another room

Fireball: Aw my head Hit' someone Stone hard

Penny stays while touching her head

Penny: Yeah my Head

Fireball: Look the Engine room!

Fireball Points at door that is 5 Meters, op in the Room

Aguilera: Yeah that its so High op how are gonna get up?

Fireball: Hmmmmm...

Fireball: Aha! i Got it!

Fireball takes some Rope that lays down on the Floor

Fireball: I Can maybe Swing the Rope Up the Door

Anais: Isnt that Impossible?

Fireball: Lets see,

Fireball: I hope i learn't something from the People from Texas While Swining Rope

Fireball Swings the Rope Perfectly op the Door it tights to something

Fireball: See That was Possible

Penny: Okay and now?

Fireball: I will crawl op at the rope then i will tell you one after one to Tie it around the Stummick and then i Will Pull you up

Anais: Great Idea Fireball!!

Fireball: Okay i Hope i can

Fireball Crawls op at the Rope Perfectly

Fireball: Okay Guys im up!

Fireball Looks down at Anais

Fireball: Anais you are the First one

Aguilera tries to tie to rope for Anais

Aguilera: Now shall i

Anais gives aguilera the Hand

Anais: I can do it By Myself

Aguilera: I Was just to Help....

Fireball Pulls Anais up Totally Perfectly

Fireball: Ok

Fireball Looks down at Aguilera

Fireball: Aguilera you are the Next one!

Aguilera: All right

Aguilera Tries to tie the rope for Herself but she cant and that makes her mad

Penny: Let me Tie it for you

Aguilera: Okay (In Angrered Tone)

Penny ties the Rope for Aguilera

Fireball: Kay Aguilera I will Pull you up now

Anais helps Fireball to Pull Aguilera up and they both two Pulls her Perfectly Up

Fireball Looks down at Darwin

Fireball: OKAY! Darwin you are the Next one

Aguilera Fireball and Anais Pulls darwin op

Fireball: Wow Darwins much Lighter than i Thought

They all Pulls him op Perfectly

Fireball Now looks down at Gumball

Fireball: Gumball You the Next

Gumball: Okay!

Penny Helps Gumball to tie the rope for him

While Pullin him op Penny says

Penny: Be Careful!

Gumball: Everything couldnt be more Careful Right now!

Fireball Darwin Aguilera And Anais Pulls Gumball op

Fireball: Okay Penny you are the Last one!

Penny Stays down on the floor tied While Suddenly the Water Bursts in from the Door

Fireball: OH CRUD!

Gumball: PENNY!!! (In High Worried Tone)

Fireball: Everybody Pull her up!

Everybody Penny up at the water

Gumball: Penny are you Okay

Penny is groaning

Penny: Yeah i Think

Fireball: Well looks like Everybody is safe for now

Fireball: Come on lets get into the Next room

Everybody goes into the Next Room

Fireball: Oh..

Fireball Notices a Hole where that is Water in

Fireball: Hmm Looks like the Hallway Downstairs has been Flooded

Aguilera: So what now?

Fireball: I gonna swim through the Flooded Rooms and see if there's a Room on the Other side

Aguilera: What are you Crazy You Could Drown?!

Fireball: Take it Easy Aguilera I can Hold my Breath underwater in Long time!

Fireball: I Will Tie Myself in this rope Okay?

Fireball Ties him self op

Fireball: Okay

Everybody is holdin the Life Rope

Fireball: If i Pull the Rope 1 Time means that i have found A Other Side

Fireball: But if i Pulls it 2 Times means am in Danger Okay

The Other guys: Okay

Fireball takes a Deep Breath Before Jumpin down in the Water

Fireball Jumps down in the Water

Fireball Swims Through some Rooms and finds a Other and he Swims up to it to Get air

Fireball: Woo! It was good with some air

Fireball Pulls the Rope 1 Time

Everybody on the Otherside Notices it

Aguilera: He Must have Found the Other side Lets Pull him up

Everybody Pulls Fireball op but on the Way he hits the Wall and Hurts him

Fireball Comes at the Water

Fireball: Guys you should be Careful with your Pullin i Hit' a Wall

Aguilera: Sorry

Anais: Well did you found the Other side

Fireball: Yes i Think we Everybody can Swim safe Through

Penny: Wait Theres is Something

Fireball Gets up at the Water

Fireball: What?

Penny: I need Doe-nut Magic if i shall Swim underwater Because i Dont The water till flood into my Body and i will be Full of Water

Aguilera: Well I Have some Doe nut magic in my Bag

Penny: Thats Great! Aguilera But why do you Doe-nut Magic in Your Bag?

Aguilera Stays and Eats the Doe nut Magic

Aguilera: It Taste Great!

After Penny her Body with the Magic

Fireball: Okay can we go now

Penny: Yes

Everybody jumps down in the Water

While Swimmin some More Explosions Occurs and a Steel Plate Falls down on Gumball

Fireball Stops and Turns Back to Gumball to Save him

While Swimmin Aguilera Dress Becomes Caught in something she tries Hardly to Fight her Dress out But she Bangs her Head op in the Celing And Faints

Darwin sees it And Swims back to Save her

Penny and Anais has Comed op at the Water

Darwin pushes The Fainted Aguilera op on the Floor

Penny Gasps

Penny: What Happend to Aguilera?! (In Worried Tone)

Darwin: I Dont know

Darwin Gives Aguilera CPR

Aguilera Dosent Wake up and that make Darwin Sad and he gives her a Bye Kiss But suddenly she wakes up

Aguilera: What the..?

Aguilera: What Just Happend?

Darwin Hugs Aguilera

Darwin: OH AGUILERA YOU ALIVE (In Very Happy Tone)

Aguilera: Yeah and that i Because of you

Aguilera And Darwin is About to Kiss Each Other

Aguilera: Wait 2 Seconds!

Aguilera: Where is Fireball and Gumball?!

Scene shows Fireball who tries to move the Plate away from Gumball But the Plate is too much for him

Gumball is just Bout' to Drown but then Fireball Finally gets the Plate Moved

They both two swims up to the exit

Gumball and Fireball Get up at the Water Hardly Breathing

Fireball: Oh Man! That was Close!

Aguilera: You Alive!!

Penny: I Thought it was done for you guys!

Aguilera Helps Fireball and Gumball Up from the Water

Fireball: Well in the Next room theres is the Engine room

Fireball: We Gotta Get through the Engine room and op to the Probeller Shaft and Then we free!

Fireball Leads the Gang over to the Next When Suddenly Penny Notices the Water from the Hole is rising up in the Room

Penny Begins to Scream

Then Aguilera Goes over to Penny to calm her down

Fireball: Everybody lets get out of here!

Aguilera: Penny Calm down!!

Penny is still Screaming Of Fright

Aguilera: PENNY! SHUT UP!!

Aguilera Slaps Penny and then he stops Screaming

Aguilera: Come on!!

Aguilera and Penny goes into the Engine room

Fireball and the team is now in the Engine room

Anais: Okay What now?

Fireball: Uhm The Floor Is on Fire

Scene shows that the Floor is on Fire

Darwin: How are we gonna Get over?

Fireball: Hmmmm

Fireball: Look theres a Kind of Bridge over there we can walk over!

Anais: Good Noticed

Gumball: What is the Plan Now Smartypants?

Fireball: I First go over and then you

Anais: Why You First?

Fireball: So i can tell Them I did a Good Job

Fireball Walks over the Iron Plate while the Same Underland Music Plays

Fireball Gets Over Totally Safe

Fireball: Okay!

Fireball looks at Aguilera and Anais

Fireball: Okay Aguilera ! Could you maybe Take Anais With you?

Aguilera: I Can do that!

Aguilera is seen Holdin' Anais in her Arms and she gets safe over

Fireball: Okay Gumball and Penny you can get over Together Right?

Gumball: Together? (In Nervous)

Penny Takes Gumball's Hand While goin over the Plate/Bridge

Gumball makes his Happy Dumb Face after has Goin over

Fireball: Okay! Darwin you the last one!

Darwin is lookin Scared

Fireball: Is Something wrong Darwin?

Darwin: Im' Im' Scared for Walkin over Alone

Fireball: Okay darwin I will come over and Take your hand okay?

Darwin: Okay!

Fireball comes over to the Other side and Takes Darwin hands

Fireball and Darwin gets over but then Suddenly More Explosions Occurs


Fireball Loses Darwins Hand and Darwin Fells down in the Fire While Fireball is Safe on the Other

Everybody is Very Shocked of this

Gumball: DARWIN!! DARWIN!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! (In very Shocked and Sad Tone)

Gumball Looks at Fireball


Gumball Walks Closer op to Fireball

Gumball: You Lier Murder SON OF A GLITCH!

Fireball Looks Very Suprised

Gumball: You Almost Killed Me!!!!

Gumball: I Tried to Believe in your Promises!!!! NOW WE DONT HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!

Gumball: For Me!! My Only Friend In The Whole World!!!!!

Gumball: Darwin

Gumball: You Killed HIM!

Gumball: You killed him!

Gumball; You Killed him (In Sad tone)

Gumball: You Killed him (Gumball Begins to Cry)

Gumball: you killed him (In Cryin Tone)

More Explosions Occurs


Fireball: Oh No

Penny: What?

Fireball: I Have that Sinkin Feelin

Fireball: We gotta Get out of here Right now!!

Everybody is gettin out of the Engine Room

Anais: Come on Gumball lets get Out!

Gumball: Not Without Darwin

Aguilera: Gumball! Face it He is Dead!!! And Theres is Nothin we can do, Right Now Do you have the Chance to Survive!

Gumball: Yeah You Right now

Gumball Joins the Team again

Scene Now Shows that Fireball has just Reached the Propeller Shaft

Fireball: Okay Guys i Think we are in the Propeller Shaft Now!

Aguilera: Cool! Now lets get out of here!

Fireball Helps the Team up

Fireball Sees around and cant find the Exit

Fireball: Okay Dead end

Fireball Sighs

Fireball: Did you even Think that i could get you Guys

Aguilera Noticed some Sparks from the Left Side of the Propeller shaft

Aguilera: Look Fireball!

Fireball Notices the Sparks

Fireball: Its a Blowtorch!!!!

One of the Rescuer punches the Iron Plate Out

Rescuer 2 And Rescuer 1 Face is seen

Rescuer 2: Is Everybody of you down there Okay?

Fireball: Uhm

Fireball looks at Gumball who looks sad Proberly Because of Darwin

Fireball: Yeah we Okay!

Fireball Helps Anais Up of the Hole

Everybody has Now come out of the Ship

Nicole Runs over to her Children

Nicole: Oh God you All Alive I Thought You All were Lost in that Ship

Anais: Fireball Saved us out

Penny: He's our Hero

Fireball: *Laughs* Haha im not a Hero More like a Nation Hero

Nicole: Oh Im So Proud !

Nicole: But theres Darwin?

Fireball: Darwin *Sigh* Didnt Make it

Nicole Gasps

Gumball: Oh Darwin Why You (In Sad Tone(

Darwin: What do you mean Im Right here

Gumball: DARWIN!

Gumball Runs over to Darwin

Gumball: YOU ALIVE!!!! (In Very Happy Tone)

Penny Comes over to Gumball and Darwin

Penny: But i Thought you Fell down in the Fire

Penny: And DIED!

Darwin: I Grab in a Iron Bar and Didnt Fall down

Scene Now changes to Aguilera who runs over to Fireball and Hugs

Aguilera: Oh Fireball! You not just saved me! You Tons of Lifes! (While Huggin him)

Fireball: Actually I Only saved you and 4 Others

Darwins Voice is heard but he is not seen

Darwin: Hey we have Names!!

Aguilera: But thats still very Impressing!

Fireball: Yeah! It Looks like you Owe me A Favour

Aguilera: Yeah this!

Aguilera Kisses Fireball

Fireball: Holy Heaven!

Fireball Faints Like Darwin in then The Party)

Aguilera: Is he gonna be Alright?

Gumball: Totally