Gumball and Darwin get lucky from a coin,but then turn evil from it becaus they have a massive amount of luck.


The episode starts with Gumball and Darwin sitting on the couch and play Suburban Karate Master.When Nicole tells the kids that they need to go to the grocery store to buy some food.So both Gumball and Darwin go happily to the grocery store.

While walking to the grocery store,they noticed that they see a coin,and Gumball picks the coin up,and says to Darwin that they might need it for something,like the lottery,winning $100, or even buy a game.So they head to the cashier who is Larry.And they pay for the food they need to take with them.

When going home,they noticed at the back of them,they see a pocket with $50, and Darwin picks it up,because Gumball's hands are full of foods in a plastic bag.Darwin tells Gumball that they are ganna be rich.Gumball stops and looks at the coin he obtained.The coin blinks,telling Gumball and Darwin that they are lucky.Gumball understands what the coin said and tells Darwin that they are lucky.Darwin doesn't believe it and they are happy.

When they arrived at home,they make it a secret to tell nobody and nothing.But Gumball doesn't have the patience and shouts it very loud so everyone can hear it.Anais' ears are now red because of the loud scream and Darwin warns him not to do it again.But Anais already heard it and goes downstairs to take the coin,because she is a little greedy now.So she takes the coin and takes it to a secret place,the junkyard.Gumball and Darwin chase her,but Anais has a step so she can go faster,and Gumball stops to take a little rest,but Darwin has adrenaline and still goes for it.Gumball believes in him that he can get it.Darwin succeeds,but gets knocked over by the wall,and Gumball goes there and helps Darwin up to go home.

Gumball and Darwin hide it in their closet,and Anais doesn't really notice allot about it.Gumball tries to fortify,because Anais is a little upset.She kicks the door open in 2 kicks.But she doesn't know its in the closet,and looks for it under the couch.

Now that they know Anais is gone,they go in the streets again,but then they become evil because of the massive amount of luck.Anais now knows that they are in the streets and tries to get the coin before time will end from loads of luck.She doesn't succeed,but Nicole gets the coin and goes to the junkyard to put it in the dump.They are not evil anymore and the episode ends.






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