• Granny JoJo says her Doctor's Name is Doctor.wii The Creator of this Fanfiction
  • First time Aguilera is seen Naked


Aguilera has to be the Family's Mom While Nicole is on Vacation when Granny Jojo Arrives

Fan FictionEdit

Episode begins With Nicole lookin at her Family

Nicole: Okay Guys I'll be Back in 2 Days

Gumball: When will you come back?

With tears in the Face

Nicole: In 2 Days Sweety

Darwin: But its so Long!

Nicole: oh Come here and give me a Goodbye Hug

Then Nicole Hugs Gumball And Darwin

Darwin: Im So Much goin to miss you

Nicole: Oh Darwin Im Goin to Miss you too!

Nicole: Well im Gonna Go Now

Nicole: My AirPlane will soon Go

Nicole: See you in 2 Days

Then Nicole Goes out to her Car and Drives Away

Then some Moments Later Fireball is sittin on the Couch Watchin Television

Tv Host: Who was the Guy who Found America

Tv Host: Was it Marco Polo Or Columbus?

Fireball: Columbus Columbus!

Random Man: Marco Polo

Fireball: Columbus Columbus IDIOT!

Then the Door Rings

Fireball: Huh?

The Fireball Walks over to the Door and Opens it

Aguilera: Fireball! Hows it Goin are you ready for Our Date?

Fireball: Oh Yes I Am What?

Then a Bus Suddenly Cames and Granny JOJO Comes out of it

Fireball: Oh oh

Aguilera: What Oh oh?

Fireball: Uhm Nothing

Then Aguilera Turns her Head Left And Notices the Old Woman

Aguilera: Who's That?

Fireball: NO ONE!

Then Fireball Covers Aguilera's Mouth and Runs into the Kitchen With her

Aguilera: Fireball What The Heck's Goin on

Fireball: Aguilera you gotta Hide in the Fridge!!!

Aguilera: Say what?

Fireball: Fridge Now!!

Then Fireball Takes Aguilera in the Fridge

And Locks the Door

Aguilera: What is goin on

While Sittin in The Fridge

Then Fireball Runs into the Livin Room

Where Suddenly Granny Jojo Is in

Fireball: Granny JoJo! What a Suprise what R You doin here?

Granny Jojo: Well since my Doctor, Doctor wii Said That I should Spend some more Time with my Family I Went Over here, And who was that Girl Next to you?

Fireball: Uhm?? Her name was?

Fireball: Come on Try Imagine a Name?

While Whisperin to himself

Fireball Sees a Picture of Nicole

Fireball: Nicole?

Fireball: Wait NO!

Granny JoJo: So Thats Nicole your Mom I Never met

Fireball: No no no!

Granny JoJo: Where is she?

Then Aguilera Gets out of the Fridge

Aguilera Coughs

Aguilera: Ew there Stinked like Old Cheese In There

Granny JoJo: So You must be Nicole Nice to meet you

Aguilera: What? Im not Ni..

Then Fireball Suddenly Cames And Covers Aguilera's Mouth

Fireball: Uhm JoJo I gotta Talk with Mom a Second Okay?

Aguilera: Mom What do you me..

Then Fireball Covers her Mouth Again

Then Fireball Walks off with her

Aguilera: Fireball What the Health Is Goin on?

Fireball: Aguilera I Somehow got Our Granny Tricked to Think that You are our Mother!

Aguilera: What The?...Where is Nicole?

Fireball: On Vacation She Needs it!

Aguilera: But but but! Fireball! Im Dont know how to be a Mother

Aguilera: Im Only Freakin! 14 Years Old!

Fireball: Have you never heard of the 13 Year Old Dad?

Aguilera is Quiet for some Seconds

Aguilera: You got a Good Point

Then Aguilera Comes over to Granny Jojo

Aguilera: Well I Dont think we have Seen Each Other in A Long time

Aguilera: Yoyo?

Fireball Whispers to Aguilera

Fireball: JoJo!

Aguilera: Oh! JoJo Im Sorry

Granny JoJo: Thanks Here give me the Hand

Then Aguilera Notices that She has a Very Gross Hand

Aguilera: Ew

Fireball While Whisperin to Aguilera

Fireball: Come on Aguilera Give her the Hand!

Then Aguilera Finally Gives Granny JoJo the Hand

Aguilera: Ew ew ew

Then Granny JoJo Walks off in the Livin Room

Aguilera Turns her Head to Fireball

Aguilera: You Owe Me a Very Very Big Favour

Fireball: Ok!

Fireball: Well Looks like we gotta tell the Rest of the Family About this

Gumball and Darwin is Layin on the Couch havin a Laugh Attack

Gumball And Darwin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Aguilera our Mom? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Aguilera is seen Lookin at them Angered

Then she Turns her head To Fireball

Aguilera: Now you owe me! 2 Very Very Big Favours

Richard: Well Aguilera Since you have to be Our Mother, You gotta wear some Different Clothes

Aguilera: Okay?

Richard: Come with me op to the Room There can we find some Suitable Clothes for you

Then Aguilera And Richard goes Upstairs in Richard's Room

Aguilera Is Behind a Dressin Screen

Aguilera: Richard Not for Blamin your Wife Outfit

Richard: Yeah?

Aguilera: But its not really My Style

Richard: But its the Only Thing that really Fits you

Aguilera: Richard I Cant Take it on

Then the Dressin Screen Falls down on the Floor

Aguilera is standing There Naked

Richard: Oh My..

Aguilera Begins to Scream


And Richard does so


Then Aguilera Rises her Bat

Richard: Wait! You Look Skinner without Clo...

Then Richards gets Knocked by Aguilera Bat

Aguilera: Oh Im So! Sorry!

Aguilera: Pupudupudupudupudupudupudu Puw!

Then Aguilera Heals Back Richard

Aguilera: Sorry Im so much for people to see me Naked!