The MoveEdit

The Move is the 3th Episode in Season 2


  • The Clarksons were Originally Named The Woods But i Changed it to Clarksons


After Finding Out That Fireball is the smartest Watterson Principal Brown Wants him to live With The Clarksons in the Weekend. While one of The Clarksons childs Named Tony Has to live With Fireball's. But Soon Fireball Realizez That The Clarksons Is Tryin to Kill Him and His Family!


The Episode Begins in Principal brown's Office With the Results of the IQ Test The Family took Anais IQ Was 160 Darwins was 10 Gumballs was 20 Fireball's was 157 And Nicoles was 100 And Richards 67. Its now Clear That Fireball's IQ Is The Highest But he isnt Suprised. Principal brown Tells that it would be better if Fireball Lived with some Other People Like The Clarksons In a Weekend. Fireball Dont Think that is a Good Idea He Describes The Clarksons as Very Creepy But Principal Brown think its Best for Fireball. Fireball Accepts so And Walks Out of The Room. Principal Brown Tells The Watterson That were is an Clarkson That Maybe would Enjoy Living With People like them. Nicole fells a Little down after heard that Fireball dosent really Match for there family So she thinsk its a Good idea

Fan fictionEdit

Fan fiction Heckz Yeah >:D

Episode begins like the Painting

Principal Brown: Wattersons i finally have the Results of the IQ Tests you took

Principal Brown: Gumballs IQ Was 20

Principal Brown: Darwins was 15

Principal Brown: Anais was 150

Principal Brown: Richards was 50

Principal Brown: You Nicole's was 130

Principal Brown: And Fireball's was 160

Brown: So that Means that you Fireball You are the Smartest Watterson

Fireball: Im Not Suprised

He said Unimpressed

Brown: Now that its Clear that Fireball's IQ Is the Highest I Think it maybe would be a Good idea for him to live with a Family that was Smart like him

Nicole Gasps

Nicole: You You! Not gonna take my Son Away from him

Nicole: Thats Suicide!

Brown: No no no no Not live with another Family for the rest of his life Just a Weekend

Fireball: Okay who shall i live with in a Weekend?

Brown: The Clarksons

Fireball: What!?

Fireball Stays up of the Chair

Fireball:No no no no no! Not them Not American Buddy!

Fireball: Have you ever seen them They're Hackin Creepy! And they are Scary!

Brown: Fireball, Im the Principal of this School so i know better than you

Fireball: I Guess I could Control this School Better than you could!

While Pointing on Brown

Fireball: And im much better to Rhyme!, Right for the time!

Brown: Fireball,

Fireball: OK! I live with them

And Fireball Lives the Office

Nicole: Wow I didnt no Fireball was so Smart that he didnt Match for us

Nicole: I Feel Terrible now

In Sad Tone

The Wattersons is Just Bout to Leave the Office but then Brown Says

Brown: Wait Nicole Theres something i have to talk with you Two

Nicole: What?

Brown: Theres a Clarkson Named Tony that is just like you Guys that maybe could Replace Fireball in the Weekend

Nicole: Well that sounds like a Good idea

Gumball: Oh no Not him!

Nicole: Why

Gumball: Have you ever seen Tony

Darwin: He is Creepy!

Anais: I Gotta Agree He is pretty Scary, Even for me

Nicole: Come on Guys its a Good idea for a Stranger to meet our Family Right it could be fun

Gumball Laughs

Gumball: Hahaha If you mean fun ! You mean Scaryness!