Fireball: Oh man! I'm so excited! I ALWAYS wanted to see this movie!
Gumball: I heard it was lame.
-Fireball shoots a hostile glare at Gumball-
Fireball: I heard it was even LONGER than The Fireball Adventures!
Gumball: Yeah right, NO movie can be THAT long.
Fireball: Lies! I know it'll be longer! I just know!
-Gumball just rolls his eyes-
Aguilera: Hey! Sorry I was late, I had to get a friend.
Gumball and Fireball: Aguilera, Haily doesn't count as a friend.
Aguilera: Oh no, silly! I brought another friend!
-A scrawny boy walks up to Fireball and Gumball-
Boy: Greetings...My name is Sho.
Aguilera: Sho here helped me in a project, and we were friends since!
Gumball:Umm, when exactly WAS this 'project'?
Aguilera: Last night! Why?
-Haily runs in, breaking the tension-
Haily: Hello! What's up, peeps?!
Gumball: So everyone is here?
-Everyone in front of Gumball nods-
Intercom:Attention, attention please. The movie Crumpling will be showing in 5 minutes. Please go to your seats.
Gumball: Well, we got here in time! Let's go in!

Near the end of the movie...
???: Where shall we go? Everything is crumpling before our eyes!
???: No, there is one more place!
-the lights suddenly go off-
: What the-!?
Fireball: What's wrong?! Is there a problem?
Sho: Oh no! We gotta get out of here!
-lights suddenly switch on-
Aguilera: Oh! The lights are on, thank goodness!
Sho: Were not at the theater. Look.
-Sho points to a small piece of wood-
Gumball: Okay, it's a piece of wood. So what?
Sho: Did you even WATCH the movie? This is the exact same piece the guy in the movie was holding before the lights went off.
Aguilera: Wait, so your saying that...
Sho: Yes...
We're inside the movie.

Outside the movie theater...
Darwin: Man, I wonder what is taking Gumball so long...
Karly: I don't know. I just got here! It's better then the underworld, at least.
-the tv shuts down along with the lights-
Darwin: What the fish is happening?
Karly: I can't feel the underworld any more, It's like we're going to another dimension!
Darwin: Wait...I see some light! Come on, follow!
-Darwin and Karly walk into the mystery light-

Back to the others...
Haily: I can't find any buildings. They all seemed to be crumpled up.
Fireball: Well, the movie IS called Crumpling. What do you expect?
Gumball: Hey, lets split into teams to find some food.
Sho: Or an exit.
Gumball: Yeah, a exit. Since Fireball and Haily has the most experience, they'll be the leading team. Me and Aguilera will be the other team.
Sho: What about me?
Gumball: You'll be looking here, you can handle yourself. My team will go east, Fireballs will go west. Okay?
-Everyone nods-
Gumball: We'll yell if we find something, now GO!
-The 4 scramble away, leaving Sho-
???: Are the others gone yet, Sho?
Sho: Yes, sure it will work?
Fro: Yes, im sure. Just get rid of each of them!
Sho: Yes, sir.
-Sho looks west-
Sho: I'll do what im asked...
-Sho runs towards Fireball and Haily-

To Darwin and Karly...
Karly: The light is so close! Lets hurry and-!?
Darwin: Hey, what's wrong?
Karly: I-I just felt a hand touch my shoulder.
???: That was probably me!
Darwin: Who's there?!
-A small cat with very light blue fur walks out-
???: My name is Fro.
Fro: ...And I need one of you. I need Darwin.
Karly: You can't just take him!
-Fro looks at Karly with an icy glare-
Karly: I....I can't move! Darwin, help!
Fro: Sorry, but no one is helping you today!
-Fro snaps his fingers and Karly disappears-
Fro: Now, lets get down to business...

What will happen to Darwin? Is Sho evil? Those questions will be answered in the next installment of...The Movie!