The Wattersons get a dog.


Gumball Watterson

Mabel Watterson

Nicole Watterson

Richard Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Pet shop owner

Cobby Nuttels


(Starts with Wattersons' house)

Nicole: (sigh) But Richard it's Gumball and Mabel's birthday in a week we need to get them a present and I have work to do !

Richard: You know that on monday, tuesday, wenesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday is my day off

Nicole: (sigh) fine ill get him a present on the way back,but you need to do the card !

Richard: Ohhh

(Shows Nicole walking on street)

Nicole: Hmm...I wonder what Gumball would like

Richard: Get him a fish! I heard cats love fish.

Nicole: I took three, right?

Richard: But a dog?

Nicole: (sigh) I cant belive im gonna do this but...

(shows pet shop)

Pet shop owner: Heh I never thought I would see a cat set foot in a fish shop,unless they want to eat the fish.

Nicole: I want to get a pet for my son; It's his and his sister's birthday in a week!

Owner: Right this way Miss!

To be continue....