The Smash-DownEdit

The Smash-Down is the 13th Episode in Season 2


  • This is the First time when Darwin knows what he doing.
  • Fireball Said that there was goin home and not take the School bus But its seen that there has to get Through a Highway
  • This is the Fourth time Its shown that Darwin has strong feelings for Aguilera The Other Occured in The Secret and The Genius And The Special Episode The Fireball Adventure
  • In this Episode we found out that Gumball was 2 And Fireball was 3 When they did get a otter as a Pet
  • Fireball Might have Erased Nicole Memory at the End of the Episode
  • Its the First Episode where Fireball Uses his Bat not as Weapon but as Brain Eraser
  • This the Second Episode where Aguilera is in her Angel Mode The First one was The Fight


Cobby believe he will not be attacked by any wrestler wrestling villain, but he was wrong.

Fan FictionEdit

(Episode begins with Cobby Prepares himself to Ask Aguilera to be his Date to the School ball)

Cobby: Okay i been preparing myself for 3 Months and now I will ask her.

(Cobby walks over to Aguilera who is checking her Locker)

Cobby: Hey Aguilera (He Says Nervously)

Aguilera: Hi Cob! What's up?

Cobby: Would you like to be my date to the School Ball? (He says More Nervously)

Aguilera: Oh! I can't, Fireball Already asked me and i think he would be Clearly out of his mind if Just Rejected him

Cobby: Oh..I Understand (He said disappointed)

(Aguilera then holds her hand on his Shoulder)

Aguilera: Maybe Next Year

Then Aguilera Walks away

Cobby: Next Year, Next Year! She Also said that Last Year!Wait ... maybe ask her again and she will realize that I like her! (Evil laugh with a stop coughing)

Then he stops with his Locker and takes some Turkey out

Cobby: Don't forget the turkey (He says with the Mouth full of it then swallows)

Mabel: Hi Cobby.

Cobby: (shocked then nervous) I wasn't eating turkey!

Mabel: Huh?

Cobby: (Nervous) Nothing! So, do you have a date for the School Prom?

Mabel: (blushes then nervous) No.

Cobby: (in mind) Mabel?! The girl I liked the most than Aguilera! Oh, this is my chance to ask her! Hey, I could be your date to prom!

Mabel: (shocked then blushes) You would?!

Cobby: Yeah!

Mabel: Aw, you're sweet! (kisses him on the cheek) Bye! (walks away)

(Cobby is in trance and faints)

Gumball ,Darwin and Fireball is waiting in front of the School

Gumball: Man where is Martha?

Darwin: We have stood here and waited her in an Half Hour Didn't we told her that were goin home together

Gumball: Yeah but where is she?

Then Aguilera Comes

Aguilera: Hey Guys what are you doing?

Fireball: (shocked)NOTHING!

Gumball: Its like she has Runaway

Aguilera: Oh  (She says Nervously)

You can hear Aguilera's Thoughts

Aguilera: When i Rejected Cobby to be my Date he looked sad Oh My God! he has Runaway Because of me! Because I Rejected him as my Date. God! I'm such a Dork!

Fireball Gasps

Fireball: I know where he is!

Cobby: HERE! And I already had a date on the prom.

Then Gumball and Fireball runs off

Aguilera: Oh Holy Goodness I'm such a Freakin Idiot!

Aguilera: I Gotta find darwin too and Say Sorry

Aguilera Runs off to find darwin but then she runs into a Street Light

Aguilera: Aw

Gumball and Fireball is up in there Room

Gumball: Okay do you have any Ideas?

Fireball: Hmmm Aha I got it We can lure him back with Fish flakes

Fireball: If i know Darwin he can Get Enough of them!

Gumball: Yeah Lets find some Fishflakes and get to the Park!

Fireball: Why the Park?

Gumball: Darwin must have thought that we Didnt care about him and then he get sad and Darwin always goes over to the Park when he is sad

Fireball: Okay Lets go

Then Gumball and Fireball Rushes off to find darwin

Aguilera is seen walkin in the city tryin to find Darwin

Aguilera: Darwin! Darwin Where are you?

Then she goes into a Pet Shop

Aguilera goes over to the Store Clerk

Aguilera: Excuse Mr Have you seen this Fish? He's name is Darwin

Shows a Picture of Darwin

Clerk: Yeah! I Know that fish!

Aguilera: Really?

Clerk: Yes its Exactly Now 3 Years ago Two Boys come in the Store and Buyed

Flashback shows that Gumball and Fireball Buys Darwin from the Pet shop

Fireball: What should we call It?

Fireball: Hmmm Oh I know Poseidon!

Gumball: No I think we should Call it Darwin

Then the Flashback ends?

Clerk: Aaah Good timea

Aguilera: Well have you seen him walkin sad around here in the Town?

Clerk: What do you mean Walkin Fish dosent have Legs?

Aguilera: Haha Its actually a Funny I Thinks its about 2 Years ago Darwin Growed Legs

Clerk: What the heck? What do you mean

Aguilera: Darwin a Day suddenly growed legs and begin to Walk and Stuff Well Anyway did you seen him Today?

Clerk: No I havent seen him

Aguilera: Gosh

Then she walks sad out of the Store

Aguilera: Oh god What im goin to do Darwin is gone

Because of me!

Aguilera: I Gotta find Gumball and Fireball! And tell them the Truth

Fireball: Okay the one with the Flashflakes didnt Work so maybe we can See of the top of the Prom Destroyer!

Gumball: Great Idea Firebal

Then the two Rushses to the Prom Destroyer

Scene changes now to that is sittin in one of the Seats

Now the Seat is drivin op at the Rollercoaster

Fireball: Gumball can you see him?

Gumball: No can you?

Fireball: No Hey where is Heeee!

Then the seat drives down at the Rollercoaster

Gumball: Oh God i think om about to Break

Fireball: Me Too Man

Gumball: Any New Ideas

Fireball: No I have ran out of Ideas!

Then the two brothers Sighs

Fireball: Wait i got the Best Idea!!

Gumball: What what is it?

Fireball: We can make him come home With Music Everything that is totally Stupid Loves Music!

Gumball: Yeah! Great Idea!

Fireball: Lets go home and Write the Song and Compose The Music!!

Then the Two Rushes home to write a Song

Aguilera is goin around lookin sad

Aguilera: Its Totally Messed up i Tried everything to Find Darwin And I cant!

Aguilera: I gotta Find Fireball and Gumball and tell them the Truth

Aguilera Notices something that looks like them

Aguilera: Oh there they are!

Aguilera: Fireball Gumball There is something that i have to talk with you about

Then the Curtain gets Taken away and its shown that is was Just Mannequins that were Shaped like Gumball and Fireball

Aguilera: Huh?

Scene now changes to Fireball and Gumball that is on a Top of a Building

Fireball: Excellent from the Top of this Building everybody can hear! Us I still Hope Darwin is in this Area

Gumball: W-w-wait! Why have you Spelled Darwin's Name Darry?

Fireball: Sorry I couldnt find Anything Rhymin on Darwin

Then they two starts the Song

Gumball: Darry you Know that you are our Fishy friend You More Priceful than a Pass-up-rent You more Than a Treat from a Barberque

Then Penny starts Playin Guitar

Fireball: Oh Darry you more Funny than a Chocky-chop more Delicious than a Lolipop more than All what we Mentioned before

Gumball and Fireball: Oh Darry You not Droopy you Almost Sweet As Cherry With the Top of Black Berry!

Gumball Fireball and Penny: YES DARWIN!

Gumball and Fireball: So come home Darwin Come home Darwin Come home

Then aguilera Notices Fireball and Gumball Singin then she Walks up at some Stairs and Reaches the Top of the Building

Fireball; Hey Aguilera Why you dont sing a Verse?

Then Aguilera Goes over to a Microphone

Aguilera: Uhm

Aguilera: Oh Darry I find this Kind of Creepy I cant find you any Place-sy It feels me With Rarity?

Aguilera: Oh Darry Im Allergic to Berry Im gonna Move to Paris! And Change my Name to Travis!

Fireball: Travis? (He asks Confused)

Aguilera: I ran out of Rhymes Okay!

Everybody: She change her Name to Travis Travis Travis!

Everybody: So Come home Darwin Come home Darwin

Aguilera Gumball And Fireball: Come hooooome!

Gumball: Yeah Come home Darwin Come home Darwin come home!

Darwin Dosent Appear

Fireball: Take it easy we Should Just Wait it will take some Time to get over here I think he had Heard the Song

Gumball: okay! Everybody Just leave We will Ring to you when he Comes

Then everybody Leaves Except Gumball Fireball And Aguilera

Then the Screen shows the Line

4 Hours Later

Fireball: Oh this is Horrible We have Waited in 4 Hours

Fireball: Gumball

Fireball turns his head to Gumball

Fireball: I think its too Late

Gumball: What?!

Fireball: He is Gone Forever!


Then Gumball begins to Cry

Fireball: Come Gumball Lets go home and Tell The rest of the Family the Dark Truth

Fireball: Hey Aguilera

Aguilera: What?

Fireball: Thanks for Joinin in our Song you did a Good Job

Aguilera: Thanks (In sad tone)

Then Fireball and Gumball Leaves

Then Aguilera Begins to Cry

Scene now Changes to a Shot of The Wattersons House


The scene shows that Richard is Layin down on the Floor Cryin

Nicole: What Happend?

Fireball: After School we couldt Find Darwin Any Places we even tried to Lock him Back with a Song!

Fireball: That took pretty Long time to Wrote!

Anais: But but

Then Anais Begins to Cry

Then the Door Rings

Fireball Opens and its Aguilera That is outside

Fireball; Oh hey Aguilera (In sad Tone)

Aguilera: Fireball Theres Something i have to Tell You!

Then Nicole Suddenly Comes

Nicole: We dont Have time for you!

Nicole tries to Close the Door but Aguilera tries to hold it Back

Aguilera: But its Very Important!!!

Nicole sighs

Nicole: What is it!

Aguilera: Darwin Didnt get Lost in Elmore He Ran Away!

Fireball: What?

Gumball: Why?

Aguilera: BECAUSE OF ME!!!!!

Everybody except Aguilera: WHAT?!

Aguilera: Darwin ran AWAY BECAUSE OF ME

While Cryin

Fireball: But but but Why?

Aguilera: I rejected him as my Date to the School Ball At Friday! And He Get Pretty Sad and now He's Gone! FOREVER!

Nicole: See Fireball! You should Dumb Her!

Fireball: Wait Mom!

Aguilera Is Cryin but then Fireball Hugs

Aguilera: Why are you Huggin me Im a Bad Person!!!

Fireball: Because you said the Truth! Aguilera

Aguilera: What?

Then Suddenly Darwin comes in of the Door

Darwin: Hey Guys

Everybody: DARWIN!

Everybody Except Aguilera Hugs Darwin:

Richard: We Thought you were gone Forever!

Anais: Yeah!

Darwin: What? I was Just in the Park

Aguilera is Just Bout to Leave but then Nicole Asks

Nicole: Hey Aguilera Maybe you wanna Eat Dinner with us Tonight?

Aguilera: Sorry cant Gotta Go Bye!

Aguilera: Flyin Mode!

Then Aguilera Turns into her Flyin Mode and Fly's Away

Nicole: She can Fly?

Nicole: Oh My god Thats Terrible i have Been a terrible Person for her i Gotta Bake some Cookies to Say Sorry

While Nicole Talks constantly Fireball Rises his Bat and Shouts

The House is not Seen but a Shot of the Skyline is seen


Nicole: What what Did just Happened?