Gumball and Darwin go buy a game,but they want a refund from the store.


Gumball and Darwin play Dodge or Dare, but they think they could get another game. They then play Suburban Karate Master, but it was too boring now.Then they play Subway Fighter, but it only had one thing. They get stressed from the games, but then Darwin has an idea to buy a new game. They thought from Lazer Video, or from Ripley 2000, but they go for another store the boys know. So they ask Mom if they both can go buy a game. Mom accepts it and they both go to the store.

When they were walking, Darwin saw the store, but Gumball kept on walking. Darwin tries to stop Gumball.He then tells Gumball that they're at the store.Gumball thought they were ganna buy the groceries, but then cuts back to getting a random game.So Gumball and Darwin go back to the store that was called Game Store.

They got inside and saw loads of games around their bodies.Fighter games,Racing games and other kinds of games. And they also saw their owned games: Subway Fighter, Suburban Karate Master. They also had the board game they owned:Dodge or Dare.So they went around the whole store to find a good game.

When they saw the game they wanted, their eyes sparkle of the awesomeness the game has.Darwin thinks they would buy it,but they see another one.And you guessed it:their eyes sparkle again from the awesomeness the other game has.They thought they would take the other game,or the other one.It went all a little long and they thought buying both as the awnser.So they bought both games for 20$.

When they bought it, they say most of the time good things to the game,like its awesome,its gonna be a cool game and other compliments to the game like that.They had to go to the parking lot,go left from the parking lot and go right from the corner to find the neighbourhood.When they got in the house, they were ready to play the game.

When they put the Crazy Racer game in the console, they only saw nothing but a black screen and a little bit of whiting on the black.Then they thought there was something with the television.But the television was fine,so they had to take the game out of the console,and everything went normal in the screen of the television.Then they put Mad John in the console,and the controls were broken.Both Gumball and Darwin thought there was something with the console or the game.They fixed the console, but it still had the same things.Plus the console was optimized.They took a little look at the two games, and saw something on the back that it was a faker

They went to the corner,going left and go accross the parking lot and find the store.When they enter the store,they want a refund for both games.The store clerk denies it.Gumball and Darwin come the very next day to the store again.They wanted a refund again.And the store clerk denies it again.They try again and again and again,untill the store clerk couldn't take it anymore.He enabled the alarm and the store manager came out.The store manager saw Gumball and Darwin,but both said he looks pretty cute.But then broke the door leading to his office.Both Gumball and Darwin are scared of the little manager.Gumball quickly got their money back,and Darwin putted the games back to their place.

The heat began,and Gumball and Darwin were faster then the store clerk and the store manager.They went everywhere in the city,even to Nicole's job.Nicole saw them run around with the store clerk and manager running after them.Nicole wanted to save the boys,because she cares for them.So she had to quickly go from her job and go after the store clerk and manager.Nicole runs faster then the boys and store manager and clerk.Nicole grabs the store manager and there was a fight cloud.Nicole won the fight and goes for the store clerk,and there was another fight cloud.Nicole won again.She walked to the boys and brings them home.Gumball and Darwin thought they would play Dodge or Dare.So they go play Dodge and Dare,and dont think Dodge or Dare,Suburban Karate Master and Subway Fighter are boring.And the fanon episode ends.





Store Clerk

Store Manager

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