Tobias & Masami change the past for leaving Gumball & Penny orphans, but they failed....


(Episode starts at school)

Tobias: Hey, Masami.

Masami: Hey Tobias. Still mad about what happened in The Knights?

Tobias: Yup, still mad what happened in The Storm?

Masami: Sure. There must be a way to change that.

Both: Hmm. (they get an idea)

(Bobert has created a time machine)

Bobert: Tobias, Masami, what I can do for you?

Tobias: We needed get back to when Anais & Penny's sister was born.

Bobert: Why?

Masami: With their families gone, Gumball & Penny wouldn't be much of a trouble.

Bobert: Are you about this?

Tobias: Positive.

Bobert: You'll be sorry. (joins in)

(all 3 go to when Anais & Penny's sister were born by a portal)

Bobert: Watch this.

(Tobias & Masami toss tire poppers onto a semi when Bobert wasn't looking & go back to the present by the portal, but the poppers hit them and also destroy the time machine)

Bobert: Hey where did you go? (sees the tire poppers) Tobias & Masami are tampering with a force to be reckoned with. (goes back to the present, then the portal closes)


Nicole:  Kids, honey. Are you excited?

Gumball: What for mommy?

Nicole: To be big brother and sister

Gumball and Mabel Big Brother and sister?

Nicole: Yes to your little sister, Anais.

Gumball: Little sister? Girls are lame!

Nicole: Gumball! Be polite.

Mabel: No! No, no, no, NO! No! Princesses must go to school!

Gumball: What pony?

Richard: Gumball stop crying please. Daddy's trying to drive.

Gumball: I'm not cry- MOM! A bomb comes to us!

(A semi's tires are popped & spins out of control)

(They saw the bomb and try to prevent it)

(Thanks to Gumball's prudence, a big catrastrophe was prevent)

(Same thing happened to Penny's family. Happily, nobody was hurt)

(Back to present)

Bobert: Ahh! We didn't kill them!

Carrie: What are you talking about?

Bobert: Tobias & Masami tried to kill Gumball and Penny's family and we failed!

Gumball: Who are Tobias & Masami?

Bobert: Hmm... If they dunno who're Tobias & Masami, that means one thing... I'VE KILLED THEM INSTEAD!

Mabel,Gumball, Penny, Darwin and Carrie: WHAT?!

Bobert: Oh gosh. (Press the memory clear button) What happened?


(It hiert


  • Bobert
  • Gumball & Penny
  • Tobias & Masami
  • Darwin & Carrie
  • Mabel

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Nicole
  • Richard


The things happened in the series gets normal, but without Tobias & Masami.