Tyson (Gumball Jr.) Watterson is a 6-year old male cat. He is so far the 2nd youngest of all of the Wattersons. (p.s It's Tyson Again is true, but it hasn't been written about on the wiki yet. You can find Mercury's page here.)


Gumball and Darwin Watterson

Tyson's friends.

Anais Watterson

Anais tries to make friends with Tyson. But Tyson does not like Anais.

Fireball Brad Watterson

Another friend of Tyson(minus Gumball and Darwin). Tyson is droven crazy by Fireball for some reason.

Monty Grassblock Watterson

Another friend of Tyson. Monty is allies with Tyson.


  • In original version, Tyson was a Macarthur .
Age 6
Gender Male
Aliases Tyson, Gumball Jr.
Residence Elmore
Species Cat
Friends Gumball and Darwin Watterson
Enemies Anais and Fireball Watterson
Relatives The Wattersons
Debut The Class