Its here were I will confirm My Episodes, But i will only first write when i have Write The Fireball Adventure Done

Upcoming EpisodesEdit

The Runaway: Darwin runs away from Home Because Aguilera Rejected him from bein her Date to the School Ball, Gumball And Fireball Tries to find Darwin. Soon Aguilera Realizez That its all is her Fault!

The Closet: Gumball Darwin and Fireball Goes down in Aguilera's Secret Basement So they have to hide in her Closet On Til She goes

The Swapped: This is an Genderswapped episode

The Cousin: Gumball and Fireball's Cousin Simon Comes for Visit When he begins Hittin' on Aguilera, Aguilera Begins to fall in love with him And That Fireball Really Mad!

The Visit: Aguilera's Evil Cousin Cheryl is in the Town

The Jealous: When Aguilera sees Fireball Talkin with another Girl she gets Really Mad!

The Banana: Banana Joe Keeps tryin to Win Aguilera's Heart and that makes her Crazy!

The Dance: Gumball And Fireball finds out that they have Really Mad Dancin Skills

The Birthday: Its Gumball's 13th Birthday so Fireball tries to give his brother the Best day of his life

The Move: After Finding Out That Fireball is The Smartest Watterson, Principal Brown wnats him to live with the Clarksons In a Week But soon Fireball Finds out they are tryin to Kill Him And His Family!

The Speechless: When Nicole Throws a Fryin pan in the Head of Aguilera, Fireball swears never to talk to her Again

The Future: Because of a Microwave Effect Gumball and Fireball Travels into Year 2033!

The Mom: Aguilera has to be The Family's Mom While Nicole is on Vacation When Granny JoJo Arrives

The Doll: Aguilera Finds a Voodoo Doll of Rachel!

The Parents: Fireball has to meet Aguilera's Parents

The Ocean: After Darwin finds out he isnt a Real part of the Family He runs Back to the sea To find his REAL! Family

The Party: Fireball Holds an Intimate Get Together With his Friends but soon when Gumball Invites More It Becomes a Party, Can Fireball Stop the Party Before His Parents comes home? NOTE: The Ep's Plot will be similary to the Phineas and Ferb Episode Candace gets Busted

The Mystery: The Hold Class finds Gumball Injured in Fireballs Locker. Everybody Thinks its Fireball Many persons like Penny gets Upset At Fireball So they begin to Chase him through the School

The Baseball-bat: When Aguilera Finds out that Tobias and Banana Joe Broke her Ipad She is goin to Knock them out!!, When she finds at the School late at Night She Chases Them Through the Hold Town With an Base ball bat!Edit


The Temple, Fireball Gumball Aguilera And Penny Gets Lost in the Temple of BOOM!

The Fire: I will maybe make it if i will do it, it will be a Parody of The Towerin Inferno