'Veronica "Yarnball" Addle-Pines is one of the new-comers in the show. Jasper tried to have her like his girlfriend.


Yarnball is a 13-year old ferret girl. She wears a white shirt with pink collars and a lavender skirt. She have four toes instead of three, called by Fireball "a birthmark".


Yarnball have a long-lost twin sister, Winnie, found in Elmore. Before their parents' divorce, they were inseparable. Their only difference is Yarnball's birthmark.


DoctorWii describes her as a kind and sweet person, but she suffers emotional problems in love.


Winnie - long-lost twin sister

Jasper-Future Husband

Terry - Future Son(dream)

Irene - Future Daughter(dream)

Izzy - Future Daughter(dream)


  • Her real name is actually Veronica
  • It's been mentioned she's Orthodox
    • This makes a reference to Roxanne Nelson, cuz she's aslo Orthodox.
  • She and Fireball broke up after learning he has a girlfriend(Aguilera)